8 Biggest Lies On Interior Design

Some people enjoy decorating others peoples’ homes since they may be great in choosing the perfect items to tie into a specific theme. From choosing the right colors for a

6 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Layout Ideas

The traditional work triangle separating the sink, refrigerator and the range have developed into a more hard headed concept. Unlike the traditional kitchens that only allowed one person to prepare

What Is Included In An Interior Design?

Interior design refers to a field that is correlated with architecture entailing planning, building, and entire attraction of indoor spaces including residential houses and commercial property. It is typically a

Mistakes To Avoid For HDB Interior Design

With more than 80% of Singapore’s population living in HDB flats and 95% percent of them owning these flats, HDB flats are the most popular housing. Most Singapore HDB flat

5 Best Awning Colors For Restaurants

Awnings are covering composed of a certain types of fabrics that are attached on the exterior wall of a building and extend over the terrace. It is commonly used in

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