Mistakes To Avoid For HDB Interior Design

With more than 80% of Singapore’s population living in HDB flats and 95% percent of them owning these flats, HDB flats are the most popular housing. Most Singapore HDB flat

5 Best Awning Colors For Restaurants

Awnings are covering composed of a certain types of fabrics that are attached on the exterior wall of a building and extend over the terrace. It is commonly used in

How To Choose Awning For Penthouse Balcony?

Aside from being decorative, awnings are also considered to be very functional as well. They could polish the look of your penthouse balcony, patio, deck, or yard, while providing the

How Much Does It Costs To Renovate My Condo?

Personality and volume of the person speak much for the net worth of the people. Thousand of beautiful and luxurious houses, complexes, condos are in trend. Everyone wants to have

Pros & Cons On LED Strip Lighting

LED lights are now revolutionizing the light company. They’ve a large variety of benefits over both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, which has resulted in enormous sales in the national

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