14 Bedroom Ideas For HDB

Internal house spaces have no reason at all to look unattractive or to bear boring colors as these are the areas where we spend a considerable amount of our time inside. The bedroom for example is that one place in our houses that each one of us has their personal space away from the rest of the family and the world at large. This is the reason why our bedrooms ought to have an attractive interior design carried out on them to make them more relaxing and heavenly.

Below are various bedroom ideas to use for your HDB bedroom interior interior design:
Keeping Things White and Uncluttered

In order to make a small bedroom appear larger and uncluttered, you may opt to paint it white. This will give the impression of space inside your HDB house bedrooms. However, you can bring in some liveliness into the bedroom by using lively colors through either posters on the white walls or some brightly colored bed sheets.

Using Optimism Messages

You could use some inspiring messages or quotes on your bedroom walls instead of levelling a recess on your walls. You can have the inspiration message in the form of an art installation kind of feature that will enclose the inspiration quote inside. This will serve two purposes; it will make your bedroom interior walls look great due to the artwork and secondly, it will serve as an inspiration or optimism that does not hurt anyone.

Using Versatile Kind of Beds

This is one of the best bedroom ideas for a child’s bedroom. One can invest in a bed that is versatile in that it can be used as a normal bed at night, as a day bed where the child can lounge as they play their video games as well as other sort of games and for storage purposes. There are ways in which children beds are made to make them have storage-packs on their frames, sides and below them to allow them serve several functions. This hugely conserves the bedroom space while ensuring that your kids never miss out on anything in their childhood.

Going Vintage

In order to turn a normal standard bedroom into a spectacular bedroom, you can use some vintage items to achieve this feat. You can use some small vintage items that have the potential of making a huge impact in your bedroom. This could be vintage paintings, bed frames, lamp shades or a pallet-made bed frame. These items will surely turn your bedroom space into a fascinating one.

Using Steel Mesh

Of all brilliant bedroom ideas for your HDB house bedroom, using a framed steel mesh on your bedroom wall steals the show. This steel mesh can be used to showcase all your accessories on your bedroom wall. As much as this idea showcases your accessories, it also provides you with more additional storage space for your hats, medals and other accessories.

Using Graphic Artwork

If your bedroom walls are painted in a solid color and you have no plans of changing the color then using a graphic artwork can do the trick. You should invest in a huge graphic artwork that should be hanged on such a wall at a good focal point to give the room some liveliness and life. This artwork will also make the bedroom attain a modern appearance in place of its previously solid and boring appearance.

Using a Platform type of bed

The type of bed you use in your bedroom can determine the way the bedroom interior space will look like. For instance, if you were to invest in a platform bed, you would be able to turn any corner of your bedroom into an area that is cozy for your relaxation purposes. Platform beds have the knack of transforming bedroom corners into great areas for one to kick back and relax whenever they retire to the bedroom.

Using Colourful Cubes

On your bay window, you can place some colourful cubes. They will not only make the bedroom look beautiful but also come with the added advantage of adding up more storage space to the bedroom. These beautiful cubes will be a sure way of bringing more fun to your bedroom.

Using a Splash of Lime Green

For a plainly decorated room, a splash of lime green color can work wonders to the bedroom. This sprightly splash of color adds some liveliness to the bedroom by breaking the monotonous plain color that was in the bedroom previously. It is also a cost effective interior design method as only one part of the wall will need to be painted.

Headboard Slim Drawers

Side tables are monotonous in most bedrooms and they at times make the bedroom look normal and unattractive. In order to curb this issue, you can have slim drawers made in the headboard of your bed where you can store some of your fragrances and lotions. You could also incorporate some beautiful pictures inside in such a way that you could leave one of these slim drawers out to give your bedroom that sophisticated look. This is a brilliant idea as it eradicates the ugly-looking side tables and introduces unique slim drawers that can be used interchangeably to showcase some unique decorations and items.


Different lighting ideas could also be used to change the interior design of your bedroom. There are various lighting modes and lights that can be used to enhance various pieces of art or brightly colored parts of your bedroom walls or sheets. This will give your bedroom an enhanced look making it beautiful and attractive.


All the above are smart bedroom ideas that you can use to smarten up your small bedrooms in your HDB housing units without the fear of cluttering them up. All of them are great interior design ideas that are space-efficient but with a high degree of impact on the entire look of your bedroom. In order to get them right ensure that you get the input of a professional interior design expert who has considerable experience in sprucing up bedroom interiors.