Landed Property Interior Design

Interior Designing For Your Landed Property

Looking for interior design for your landed property? The landed property in Singapore can be meant for both personal use or for renting it out. Be it a self occupied property or a let out, the interior should be so designed to suit everyone. A cool comforting home to return to at the end of the day definitely sets a positive outlook even to the most hellish days. As it is often said the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in the same way the comfort level is an individual phenomenon and differs from person to person.

Here is why a professional is required to bring in a concept that bases the decorations and other settings in such a way that all can recognise it as their comfort zone. The house should be a home, not just four walls but a place where it feels to be home, a perfect environment where the mind can rest at peace. An interior should reflect the occupier’s ideas and should also have the commonly phrased ‘X factor’. Especially when an estate is to be let out, it should be presented in such a way that it is homely yet stylish, sophisticated and comfortable so that the amount paid and received is satisfactory to the occupier as well as the owner, both finding it worthwhile.
Landed Property Interior Design
The essentials of a residential include bedrooms, hall kitchen and bathroom. These should be properly constructed in order to provide ease of living in the residential. The hired services of the interior designer ensure an attractive, trendy and yet functional facilities, thus, saving the cost and time incurred and wasted in the trial and error method or otherwise compromises.

An interior designer undertakes the job right from layout planning, designing, detailing and the ultimate execution and completion of the work. The hall being the centre of attraction, the heart of a human body should reflect one’s personality be it in a contemporary or modern way. The modular kitchen should create an ambience that inspires food preparation. The bedrooms are our cocoon which truly belongs to us and where we actually live in. It is our personal world and hence should be designed to soothe our body and soul. It should be neat, clean and trendy. The interior designers would have an understanding of the taste and preferences of the occupants such the planning is to the occupier’s liking.

The interior designers are qualified professionals with skill and experience to enhance the functionalities and beauty with harmony of the house to improve the standard of living. They work within the time constraints and on a budget devised and intimated to them beforehand itself, to get them to work accordingly with the opportunity cost of erroneously planning it yourself and committing costly mistakes. Just like we dress up ourselves, our home requires some looking after, makeup in the form of wall paints and panelling of the walls while clothes in the form of curtains, furniture and other room decor. And this is why a designer should be hired to design the estate anywhere in the world to make a place worth living in.




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I was recommended by my relative who did their condo interior design and i am very pleased with their service. I submitted my sitemap and briefly told them what kind of interior design theme i wanted and they really make your imagination run wild. Creating an empty space into something i wanted. Appreciate your dedication to creating my home.
Miss Ong (Punggol)
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Just 1 month before i am getting my TOP condominium keys, i called up and send them my condo floorplan, the interior designer called me and advice me on some of the interior designing tips and also some of the design which i thought will work but can't. I have saved so much time with Singapore Interior Design. I am very pleased with their workmanship and also the delivery of my project. Well done guys, i will certainly recommend them to anyone who is serious about creating them dream home.
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