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Singapore- a city of dream, where one can see the world of innovation with open eyes. The interior design has given a big contribution in this. It is a place which the world admires for its beautiful and very creatively designed buildings and structures both privately and publicly owned.

But, where beauty exists there exist the reality; because, owing a private house in the city involves huge chunks of money. In the year of self governance Singapore has faced serious problem of housing shortage. Later many low-cost buildings and flats were discovered, planned and designed to help out people from such point of distress. but due to land constraints highly dense flats were designed.

Apart from private building the housing and development board in Singapore has provided budget houses for the people who want affordable housing for living. The HDB cater to provide varieties of flats depending upon the income. These houses are not considered for lower standard of living but are generally cheaper than that to afford private houses. Since the foundation of building Singaporeans have got the place to live but not the place of their dream. To have a personal house of own is such dream which every person desire for and this wish can’t be fulfilled by the policy housing plan by HDB and the main reason is the shop houses and confined buildings.
HDB Interior Design
Reasons to improve
Taking above statements into consideration this could be the major reason due to which Singaporean is hiring interior designers because housing and development board provides home to live but not a quality. HDB Flats more over look like same and designers are one who can make a change in the presence of the place where they are living and converts the dull looking house into stylish homes.

To achieve an attractive place of living are said to be the other reasons why Singaporeans are hiring more and more of interior designers for their HDB Flats. They add essential elements along with designer works which puts a desired aura to the house.

Singaporean’s are meticulous and believes in making a change and thus they prefer the interior designer. With the wide ideas by the designers they convert the HDB housing place into a beautiful and warm welcoming place which receives great appreciation from the people who enters into the building or the house.

Point They depend on the designers because:-
Point Interior designer aplomb with creativity.
Point Invest passion to make every corner of house a place for attention.
Point They believe in making the difference which can reflect the owner’s personality.
Point Designers accessories the house with beauty.
Point Provides harmonious feeling to one with its choice of paint color or with the theme of the housing matching the furniture’s

Things to offer
People in Singapore likes innovation and interior designer are the one who can help them to fulfill their wish with providing modern and innovative designing with offering themes like special effect paints and smart solution to make it cozy, stylish and place to live in and converts a shoebox apartment to look bigger and larger. To start a new life of living





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I was recommended by my relative who did their condo interior design and i am very pleased with their service. I submitted my sitemap and briefly told them what kind of interior design theme i wanted and they really make your imagination run wild. Creating an empty space into something i wanted. Appreciate your dedication to creating my home.
Miss Ong (Punggol)
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Just 1 month before i am getting my TOP condominium keys, i called up and send them my condo floorplan, the interior designer called me and advice me on some of the interior designing tips and also some of the design which i thought will work but can't. I have saved so much time with Singapore Interior Design. I am very pleased with their workmanship and also the delivery of my project. Well done guys, i will certainly recommend them to anyone who is serious about creating them dream home.
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