Is Ceiling Fan A Good Choice For Office?

Installing a ceiling fan in the office has several pros as well as some cons. As much as they help cool the room temperatures, especially during the month of May when it is warm in Singapore, there are several aspects they have that make them not to be ideal for a working place. However, it all depends on an individual’s preferences as well as their tolerance to heat or the type of air conditioning equipment they are used to. Below are some of the points to be considered when making the choice whether these fans are suitable for offices or not.

They Save Money and Energy

As much as keeping the room temperature at a favourable degree is important, there is need to ensure that the same is done reasonably as far as energy resources and money are concerned. This type of fans are energy efficient as they require less energy to run and this consequently saves a lot of money in the long run. They require the same amount of energy used by a standard bulb of 100W to run. Ceiling fans also reduce the amount of energy used by the AC or the room heater as they maintain the room temperature at a constant, thereby making the heaters and AC not to work so hard. If one could be operating an office on a budget, then it would be advisable to place these fans strategically as it saves a lot of energy by minimizing the use of ACs, thereby saving lots of energy and money as well. These fans move in different directions and they are some types of ceiling fans that when run in reverse direction, they provide a distribution of air that is more even from the top to bottom and this is especially advantageous for offices that have people working in different levels within a structure that is generally open.

Cooler summers

Fans were designed to cool the temperatures of the room they are installed in and installing a ceiling fan in the office ensures that you will enjoy cooler summers throughout as long as they operate efficiently. Ceiling fans are more efficient in this function as they ensure that the air coming into the room from outside through the open windows is kept at a constant motion. The fans function by pushing the cooler air found in the room downwards, thus creating a cooling effect and comfort in the room. A comfortable workplace results in people becoming more productive as they are not distracted by the excess heat and the company realizes better profit margins. Ceiling fans are considered one of the most effective fans as they are able to ensure that air circulates in any given room in a motion that creates a draft that can be felt throughout the room.

Cheaper to Install

It is cheaper to install these ceiling fans as compared to installing ACs to cool a room due to their high cost of running. From the information above, it is evident that using these fans is cheaper and thus more efficient for a place of work or business.

Cons of Using Ceiling Fans

As everything has its own faults, there are several cons associated with using a ceiling fan in the office. Below are some of the disadvantages experienced by most people who work in workplaces fitted with these types of fans.


If these fans are installed at a height that is low, they can pose a danger to the employees as their hands or heads could come in between the blades accidentally resulting in injuries. In the same breath, fans installed at lower heights could also be another source of distraction and disorientation in offices as they may toss pieces of paper all over the place by blowing them away from tables and shelves especially when the fan runs at a high speed. Injuries sustained in a workplace attract all matters of claims from employees and paying them damages does not augur well with a company’s books of accounts and hence they can be avoided once and for all by using or installing other types of fans.

Excess Noise

Working under one of these ceiling fans can be very irritating, especially if the fan is old and therefore its greasiness is lost as they make a lot of irritating noise. This noise serves as a great distraction to everyone working in the workplace, and this can be costly to the company or organization as their employees cannot be as productive as they would be in the absence of this unwelcome distraction. The noise affects their level of concentration, therefore proving the fact that these are not the type of fans to use in any workplace.


Most ceiling fans especially those that are not made to conform to the modern trends of interior décor can look out of place and unattractive when installed in offices that are well decorated or those that have matching interior décor with all room fixtures. This may spoil the general look of such offices as they make it look unattractive and unsophisticated. If these ceiling fans should be used, then they are supposed to match with the décor and the style of the office in order to maintain the style every office has carved for itself.

From the discussion above, one can tell the various pros and cons of using a ceiling fan in the office and whether they are a good choice for the office or not. Recently, there are several companies that have developed ceiling fans that have eradicated all the negative attributes/cons making these fans a choice for use in offices. At the end of the day, however, the decision on whether they are a good choice for use in a workplace is dependent on an individual’s preference, but one cannot go wrong with the modern type of ceiling fans available in the market. In conclusion, there is no doubt that they are great fans to be used in the offices given their attributes in energy saving as well as their economy-friendly attributes. The various cons associated with using these fans in offices are not strong enough to defeat the pros of using them in work places.