Where Is The Best Place To Install CCTV In Your HDB?

With the increase in criminal activities all over the world, the significance of residential security systems can’t be overstated. CCTV, also referred to as Closed Circuit Television is the latest electronic equipment that can monitor any activity in a given vicinity. The days that Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras were meant for only business premises and banks are long gone. Today, CCTV cameras are also necessary for HDB flats. For sure, these gadgets can actually provide both recorded and live footage within any residential property. Indeed, in the past few years, Closed Circuit Television cameras have been the greatest sources of indisputable video evidence that has led to the imprisonment of countless criminals. 


For sure, security is one of the things that nearly all people desire for their own homes and families. With the modern demands of your career, it is not possible for you to stay at your home always in order to look for your own family. Sometimes, you may be required to stay away from your home or even to travel to another country for a workshop or even seminar. In case you don’t have a well set up & supported CCTV security system, then you will leave your family at risk. In addition, you will go through a lot of distress since you will be worried about the safety of your house and your family. You will always call to check on your family, but the constant fear of their security is unsettling. However, with Closed Circuit Television cameras, you will be able to stay away happily and use the energy that you could have used worrying to perform constructive work. For sure, if you install a CCTV security system, it will give you peace of mind since you will always be confident that you family is sound and safe. However, the question is, where is the best place to install CCTV in your HDB? Below are 5 places to install CCTV in your HBD.

1. Front door

Research shows that approximately thirty-four percent (34%) of all burglars will enter your home via your front door. Therefore, it is important that you install one of your CCTV cameras in your front door. In order to prevent a criminal or thief from knocking out your closed circuit camera, it is recommended that you place your security camera at a 2nd floor level of your house, and then train it on your front door. In case your house has only one level, you should consider enclosing the front door camera in mesh wiring in order to protect it from dangerous materials such as errant rocks, or even sticks among other weapons. Experts suggest that you should install a high-technology peephole camera so that you will be able to see who is knocking before opening your door. 

2. Back door

Also, studies reveal that about twenty-two percent (22%) of home thieves or burglars always enter homes via the back doors. Therefore, it is important to install a CCTV camera at the back door of your house. You should also know that all side doors count as back doors for the sake of statistics. In short, you should make sure that you install security system cameras in all your entry doors. In addition, you need to ensure that you place all your CCTV cameras out of reach of people`s hands. Besides, make sure that you protect you security cameras from projectiles such as sticks or rocks or anything that an intruder might hurl at it. It is always advisable to install a CCTV camera that is equipped with night vision and also waterproof.


3. Off-street windows

Burglars or criminals mostly enter homes by just breaking rear windows. Therefore, they chose windows that are not in direct view of the streets in order to reduce the chances of being caught & buy some privacy to their dirty deed. Therefore, it is important that you install CCTV cameras on all areas of your home that has windows that can’t be viewed from the street. The best option here is for you to install security cameras that are wireless and has remote control abilities. You should choose security cameras that you can operate from a tablet or a mobile device. 

4. Side gate/ Backyard

Crooks normally love a good backyard since they are mostly brimming with pricey lawn and garden machinery, children`s toys, and recreational equipment. Therefore, you should ensure that your yard is armed with motion-sensor floodlights & a night vision Closed Circuit Television camera in order to protect your house and property. In case your backyard is fenced in, you should ensure that your CCTV cameras have a view of your entrance gate, or you should consider installing another surveillance camera there. In addition, it is important to place your CCTV camera in plain sight. This is because if a criminal sees a CCTV camera he or she will have to move to the next house that has no security system. 

5. Basement stairs

Nearly all basements have access door or hatches, or at least some small windows that are big enough for a thief or criminal to crawl through. Therefore, it is crucial that you place CCTV cameras on all your stairs that lead to the basement to your home so that it can record all the wayward intruders who will sneak their way into your house through the subterranean route. When it comes to the security of your basement, it is paramount that you install a motion sensor security camera that has night vision. Most home security providers always offer motion-sensitive security cameras that have infrared night vision.


The above are five best places to install CCTV in your HDB. They include your basement stairs, your backyard or side gate, your off-street windows, your front doors, and back doors. For sure, one of the greatest concerns of most people today is security. This concern for safety has made it necessary for most people to depend on Closed Circuit Television camera systems among others. However, while living in the city of Singapore, the common issues is the best place to install CCTV in your HDB.