10 Common Misconceptions On Interior Design

Decorating your own home can help you improve your home’s appearance significantly. There are some useful tips on how you can decorate your room and other related space in your home completely. When you want to decorate your home with beautiful decorative items, you may want to prepare everything in advance. You also need to keep reading this article, so you can learn about some of the most popular misconceptions on interior design. It is important to know that you should never trust any of these misconceptions, so you can improve the overall appearance of the interior decoration in your home easily. 

1. Small rooms should have small furniture
It is one of the most common misconceptions on the market these days. Many people want to decorate their small rooms with small furniture because they believe that small furniture doesn’t take too much space. You should realize that this situation should not be totally true. You can still use some large furniture for your small space, especially when you manage the position of all items correctly. The furniture position plays an important role in improving the overall look and also appearance of your space and interior room in your home effectively. 

2. Always use neutral color
This is another common myth that is available in Singapore. Many people don’t want to make any trials and errors in selecting the best painting color for their properties. Some people always want to use neutral and pale colors, for example white, light brown, peach, and some other calm colors. However, you can still choose the best color that is good for your interior space. You can make some trials with certain bright colors, such as green, blue, black, red, and many other colors. The combination of those colors can lighten your room. 

3. Dark rooms can look smaller 
When you plan to decorate your own home easily, you should never take a look at this myth. Some people believe that they should not use any dark colors, such as black or dark brown. You should realize that dark color can improve the elegance of your room. You are able to enjoy your experience when you are using any dark colors. You can feel comfortable inside your own space, especially when you are using some dark colors on your home. 

4. Short ceiling is good for your interior design
If you want to improve the look of your home, you should never use short ceiling. This is another common myth that should be debunked today. It is a great idea to use tall ceiling, so you can feel comfortable with your space. Tall ceiling allows you to improve the overall air circulation in your home. When you have good air circulation in your home, you will be able to feel comfortable staying inside your own home. 

5. Don’t mix any patterns or prints
Many people don’t want to mix any patterns or prints because they are afraid of getting any unwanted decorations. You should understand that mixing several patterns can help you improve the decoration of your home easily. When it is possible, you can also combine some popular patterns, such as floral, checks, stripes, plaids, and many other patterns. You can also use several color options that are available in many patterns. 

6. Stick to one style
This is another common misconception about interior design. Some people usually want to use one single design for their homes. It is important for you to know that you can use any other designs, in order to improve the look and appearance of your home. The combination of several designs and styles can improve your home’s look significantly. You can also combine several styles that come from many different countries, such as France, Japan, China, Greece, and many other popular artistic countries. 

7. Large couch is the most important furniture for your home
Some people always think that couch is the most important furniture for the home. You should never think that the couch is the only important decorative item in your home. You can also buy some other additional decorative items, for example dining room table, bookshelf, sofa, living room table, and many other decorative items. You can also buy some additional accessories for improving the overall appearance of your space. 

8. Vintage furniture is not suitable for modern home
If you want to have good interior design, you should never take a look at this idea. You should realize that vintage style can meet modern design very properly. When you have some vintage accessories, you can place some of them inside your modern home without having any problems. However, you need to learn about how you can manage the position of those vintage decorative items, in order to improve their look and appearance. 

9. Dining room tables and chairs have to match
This is another misconception that you should know about interior design. There are many types of dining tables and chairs that are available today. Therefore, you should never focus on one style and design. It is important that you combine several tables and chairs with beautiful patterns. Combining several types of designs can help you enjoy your experience with these dining chairs and tables. 

10. Use expensive arts for your wall
When you want to decorate your space, you should not only focus on the expensive arts or decorative items. You can use some of your children’s arts for improving your home look easily. You can create a gallery wall that can include all arts from your children. They will be very happy to make any arts for decorating your own home. You can save a lot of money and time for adding some additional arts on your wall. 

After reading this article, you should be able to avoid any misconceptions about interior design. If you plan to have the best design for your space, you can consult with professional interior designer in Singapore. You can select the best designer who has a lot of good experience, skills, and also knowledge in this industry. Hiring the best designer can help you improve the look of your rooms inside your home easily.