Is Laminate Flooring Safe For Health

Most of the houses in Singapore are using laminate flooring, which is a stylish type of flooring. Many people are concerned about the safety of these types of flooring. It is true that there are some laminate floorings that might be toxic to the environment, meaning that they will not be safe for health. On the contrary, some other types of floorings are also available and they tend to be safer to use. Basically, the laminate flooring can be safe to use in the house, but based on some factors. So how will you know if the laminate flooring you are using is safe to use? Here is a guide to help you:

1. Consider the a product that has no melamine

One of the things you will need to keep in mind is that you must choose a laminate flooring that has no melamine. This is one of the major concerns of a lot of homeowners, they are afraid of using the laminate floorings because the flooring might contain Melamine. Basically, Melamine is harmful to your health and it is more lethal to children. It is a chemical that is able to react with other chemicals and can form a lethal oxide component into the surroundings, which can cause serious health conditions. When melamine is used, it can end up producing some lethal chemical substances, which will affect your health in general. Some of the chemicals that might be produced include formaldehyde. For this reason, you must make sure that you choose a laminate flooring that is free from melamine. Melamine might help the flooring to look elegant, but it is very harmful to your health, so be keen on this.

2. Choose a laminate flooring that is friendly to the environment

Singapore is advanced in technology and many flooring companies are developing laminate floorings that are eco-friendly. Mostly, the eco-friendly laminate flooring will be more expensive than the ordinary floorings, though they will help you stay safe from harmful toxins. With an eco-friendly certified laminate flooring, you will be sure of having flooring that is free from such chemicals like formaldehyde. This will help to keep you and your family safe from dangerous effects of the toxic content. Another thing about the laminate flooring that is friendly to the environment is that, they will be safe and elegant as well. You will find a number of eco-friendly laminate flooring that has been perfectly designed and those that will look elegant in your house. One thing you will be sure of is having a laminate flooring that is of a high quality and one that is elegant in its display, as it is deprived of all the toxic chemicals. Even though you might spend more money than the normal laminate floorings, you will be sure of staying safe and saving medical bills in the future.

3. Mind the formaldehyde level of the flooring

There are some flooring companies that will inform you that they have included formaldehyde to help stabilize the flooring. This will be used in some amounts of melamine. So when you look at the content on the product info, you will see some amount of formaldehyde used. Even though melamine is known to produce formaldehyde, not every compound of melamine will form this chemical. Rather than concentrating on the levels of melamine of the flooring, you should look at the formaldehyde levels. If you cannot find, then you might want to rely on the label, E1 Emmision. This is a quality mark that is labeled on the laminate floorings that have no or limited amounts of formaldehyde. So when you see a type of flooring with this label, then you can buy them for your house.

4. Consider the manufacturers

The easiest way to ensure that you have safe laminate floorings is to purchase them from reliable manufacturers. Even if you are buying from an agent company, always consider the brand. There are some brand names that are either not well known or they are completely unknown. Such brands are the most commonly known for producing harmful laminate floorings. You will need to visit a reliable and reputable company, which will sell you high quality floorings that are safe to use at home. You can ask around to know the best company to buy from. Also, you can research online in order to find a reputable company to buy the safe laminate floorings. You might also want to consider what the clients of that company say about the products of the company.

5. Mind how you clean the floors

Normally, the laminate floorings tend to be very delicate and vulnerable to the growth of microorganism like molds. How you clean and manage your laminate flooring will determine if it will be toxic or not. If you use the right cleaning materials and supplies, you will help to sustain it for the longest time possible. The best sequence of cleaning your laminate is to clean it once in a day and use the recommended materials. You can ask the supplier about the best ways of cleaning these floorings. There are some cleaning products that can be lethal to the flooring. This might allow microorganisms to grow on the flooring, which can cause deadly airborne diseases. On the other hand, they can also react to the content of the laminate flooring, which will be lethal to the environment. So technically, you must inquire about the best ways of cleaning and managing your flooring, before you buy the cleaning products.

The bottom line is that the laminate floorings are safe for the health and they can be comfortably used at home. However, you must keen when buying them and look out for the best type of flooring that has been screened and one that is safe enough to use. Choosing the right laminate flooring will not just keep you safe, but you will make your house looking elegant, since the laminate flooring has an eye-catching display. Another thing about a safe laminate flooring is that it will ensure that you are safe from any lethal infections and you will end up saving those medical bills.