What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room?

What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room? There is no point in getting an exquisitely designed space if you do not add the right lighting elements to it. Without the right light, everything from your wall color to the carpet will look drab and dull.

The solution? Invest in quality light and while you are at it, focus on every relevant light source for the living room. You will be surprised at how the smallest elements can add an entirely new definition to your living space.

And in this article, we will discuss all about it. Keep reading to find out more about the best living room lighting ideas.


What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room?

A perfect central piece, chandeliers come with a long history and intricate designs. Nowadays, you will find them in every shape and style- from classics to contemporaries and everything in between.

The defining aspect of these lights lies in their absolute independence. In simpler terms, when you invest in a chandelier you can totally depend on it as the primary source of ambient light in your room.

Since they also come with several lightbulbs, the total light output will be much higher. The result? A perfectly bright room with light in every corner.

While chandeliers are highly recommended for large spaces, nowadays, you can use them in almost any kind of living room. If your room is moderately sized, team up the chandeliers with some accent wall lighting.

Alternatively, if you have a big space, you might want to consider adding two chandeliers. You can also complement chandeliers with small lamps. Either way, they are exquisite, and they truly add the wow factor to your living space.

Track Lighting

What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room?

If you’re looking for something chic and classy, Track Lighting might just be your best bet! A smart and sustainable option, these flexible pieces of fixtures provide just the right dose of ambient light.

What’s more, you can swivel and move around specific lights to transform your home’s overall lighting scheme. The best part: you will have plenty of adjustable beams that help create the perfect beam of light without having you replace the bulbs.

Floor Lights

Floor lights, with their bright and beautiful bulbs, are yet another light fixture that can truly transform your home. Usually, within the 300 watts-range, these lights are either faced up or downwards, based on the lampshade’s design.

They are flexible, reflective, and an excellent device to raise your room’s ambient light. For best results, get these lights with three-way switches for toggling with the light level in the room. You can also go for remote controlled floor lamps for maximum control.


What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room?

If you live in a small, rented apartment with limited space, scones or wall lights may be a good option. These light fixtures can beautifully add interest to your picture frames, empty walls, sofa corner, or any other art piece.

They are not only ideal for small spots, but they also end up freeing up plenty of floor space. Get a couple of vibrant scones with a sculptural structure to draw attention and vibe up the place. You can also use a solo light for a more understated vibe.

Pendant Lights

Hanging from the ceiling, these lights usually house three bulbs of one specific shade. As with the floor lamps, they may be aimed up or downwards, based on the orientation of the shade.

When you direct the light upward, it will create a perfect ambient light which will further be reflected from the ceiling. This will remove the room’s intense light and add to a soothing effect.

The downward-facing lights, on the other hand, are best suited for highlighting specific spots of the room. You can also use them to bring over vibrant light right over a table or a sofa. Available in various heights, these lights are minimalist and yet quintessentially beautiful.

What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room? – Conclusion

What Type of Lighting is Best for Living Room?

Now that you have checked out our detailed list of lights for living rooms, start exploring your options before zeroing in on the favorite. Since we have listed all the popular light types, you will have an easier time making an informed decision.

Until then, keep exploring and finalize a lighting source or fixture that perfectly complements your décor and adds a truly novel definition to the same!

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