How To Design The Right Lighting For Your HDB?

If you own an HDB flat in Singapore, you should give the lighting in your home some attention. The proper lighting is not only there to brighten your home, but it also creates different moods to the various rooms in your house. This adds style to your interior decoration, so you do not have to rely on furnishings or accessories alone to beautify your home. The type of light you use is actually part of your interior design. Doing this is not entirely difficult even if you do not hire a professional designer. With the tips listed here, you can make your HDB flat in Singapore a very appealing place to come home to and your guests would definitely enjoy their stay.

Cozy Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be very comfortable because you want to be really relaxed at the end of the day. Warm lights usually achieve this kind of ambiance. Avoid a single source of light. You can place a main bright light at the middle of the room in case you need do something important in your room that require a bright light. For the times when you want to relax, you can place lamps or subtle lighting in corners to provide just enough light. It would also be wise to have a dimmer switch so that you can control just how bright the room should be.

Balance Sizes

Some lighting fixtures are huge, like the common chandeliers that you find in ballrooms. You can use a really grand chandelier in your foyer or in your main dining room, but avoid large fixtures in small rooms. This creates an imbalance that could cause an eyesore. In the same manner, small light fixtures would not look good in large rooms too.

Recessed Lighting

This is a common fixture in modern homes. Recessed lighting allows you to control which part of the room to light up. They are also unobtrusive since they are inserted in walls, floors, or ceilings. You can mix different light colors too and combine turning on certain lights to achieve the ambiance you are aiming to achieve.

Light Stairways

Plenty of homeowners usually neglect this area of the house. What they fail to realize is that it is necessary for safety. You can place recessed lighting under the steps or hang chained lighting fixtures close to the ceiling. This will not only ensure your family’s safety as you climb up and down your stairs, but it also makes this area very appealing.

Light up the Kitchen

You need to have enough light in your kitchen because you do a lot of activities here. Ideally, it would be better to rely on natural lighting in the morning. You can then resort to artificial lighting in the evening. Decorative pieces would play great here to add style. While cooking and preparing the dishes, you can use fluorescent lights. Afterwards, you can turn it off and use warm lights, especially if you are having a romantic dinner.

Style in the Living Room

You entertain your guests mainly in the living room, so it would serve your home well to use stylish lighting fixtures here. Lamps, chained lighting fixtures, vintage pieces, or hanging lighting elements would really look great here.