5 Tips On Modern Living Room Interior Design

Re-awakening your home with a modern living room interior design is one of the best decisions that you can ever make to raise your quality of life. You want to reward your home with a fresh breathe of life but at the same time you don’t want to enjoy great value for your hard earned cash. Given that there are many interior designers in Singapore, our basic advice is that you take a slightly keen approach so that you end up finding the right man for the job. That said, here are five modern interior design tips that will definitely help your dream house-look.

Proper Space Management

Your living room is actually the most important part of your home. As such it should be spacious, ambient and most importantly lively. Make sure to arrange the furniture in such a way that it allows free moving and free flow of natural light. You can arrange your furniture in a central island if you have enough space. At the edges you can place a tall sculpture or plant.


What modern interior design you choose for your living room can tell a lot about your personality. Therefore, you should make sure that you decorate your living room in a manner that it’ll give a positive impact to the visitors and provide inspiration to your friends. Make sure to use a great paint color – warm and neutral is usually the best choice. Liven up your living space by giving it a unique texture by using faux. You can as well use bright colors but only make sure that they won’t mismatch.

Choose the right furniture

The type of furniture available in your living room speaks volume about your status as a person. Therefore, it is essential that you choose furniture that’ll make your living room look decent while at the same time exciting. Choose the right sizes too. It’d be better if your upholstered items are of the same material and color. Also, avoid over-filling your room with over-sized furniture.

Dramatize it with fresh lighting

Proper lighting is very crucial to the achievement of high quality modern interior design in Singapore. You can use recessed lighting and pin lights or overhead spots – the choice typically depends with the make of your home. You could as well place a table lamp and even some floor lamps only that they should not be put too near the TV as it already emits light.

Consider using different shapes

Shapes are very vital for whatever you’ll place in your modern living room. Normally, rectangular shapes are perfect for sofas, rugs, windows and tables. All the same, you can still balance that by bringing in some other shapes such as round throw pillows, oval-shaped coffee table and free form sculpture. All these tend to add a sense of imagination into your precious living room.

There are many ideas on how to improve your modern living room interior design in Singapore. However, the few options that we’ve discussed with you above are the most important ones that you need to know.