What Is The Best Top For A Kitchen Island?

What is the best top for a kitchen island? Kitchen island tops are highly versatile and functional equipment and a lot of people want one. While with a few islands it’s possible to only add additional/storage and proper space, others can work as a fine-dining space.

With some islands, you also get stoves or sinks installed inside, which transforms the way the kitchen appears and also has space in different areas for more appliances and cabinetry.

From the permanent islands (built into the kitchen floor) to the mobile islands that are movable and adjustable, possibilities are also endless. Many kitchen island surfaces help in kitchen transformation:

Granite Countertops

What Is The Best Top For A Kitchen Island?

Granite kitchen island tops have been appreciated by people who’re more into modern appearance. These always appear unique and quite strong. Granite also provides interesting textures and colors. Neutral granite is highly expensive so when you’re on budget appearance for obvious color options.

Laminate Countertops

What Is The Best Top For A Kitchen Island?

Laminated countertops have gained lots of popularity in commercial applications but they are rarely found in luxury houses. This is typically plastic layers glued to the surface such as particleboard. It is inexpensive but it can also appear cheap.

Laminate is quite versatile and is designed for appearing similar to high-end materials. It is also possible to install the current one over the present laminate.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

It is common to see stainless steel kitchen countertops inside restaurant kitchens. As it provides a sophisticated, beautiful, and sleek appearance that fades in popularity in houses. Stainless steel is a fine choice of countertop even when it is not on-trend.

With it, it’s possible to see almost all smudges so you’ll often have to wipe it. When buying stainless steel countertop, you need to select the ones with the attached sink. The cleaning becomes quite hassle-free with it!

Quartz Countertops

What Is The Best Top For A Kitchen Island?

Anyone who wishes to have granite but isn’t able to spend time thinking about them or handle maintenance should consider quartz. Quartz isn’t a porous material and therefore it is more sanitary. It is recommended to select round edge tops that can prevent chips.

The Quartz is a blend of minerals, color, and resin. Quartz is an engineered countertop stone product containing as much as 93 percent quartz particles with other minerals, shaped in slabs, and can be bound through resins. There aren’t solid quartz slabs that are produced through quarrying.

With Quartz countertops you can choose from a broad range of patterns and colors (that can appear like marble or granite). Also, Quartz countertops are a great choice to get protection against scratches, heat, and stains. Homeowners can use DIY installation methods and these can be custom shaped into any form.

Ceramic Kitchen Countertops

Ceramic tiles are simple to clean and durable, and also it is less expensive considerably compared to quartz natural stone, solid-surface countertops, mainly for DIYers who are always willing to do their own work.

Recent porcelain tile innovations also offer many design options compared to before, including tiles that appear like marble, wood, cork, and also leather. Homeowners get more choices for design with porcelain and ceramic tiles with options nearly than other materials of kitchen countertops.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete material as kitchen island tops is truly unique and offers an appearance of unusual shapes. Because of more weight, concrete kitchen countertops typically get cast in different forms right in the kitchen.

These are not of the same concrete slab types in sidewalks but are polished slabs that can be acid-stained or textured for producing colors. Although concrete is subjected to cracking, new forms of treatment can easily minimize such tendencies.

The porousness of concrete can easily get minimized through additives.

Butcher Block or Wooden Kitchen Countertops

What Is The Best Top For A Kitchen Island?

Wooden kitchen island countertops offer a warm and beautiful appearance and these are available in broad finishes and color schemes. Hardwoods like oak and maple are species generally used as kitchen countertop woods.

Wooden countertops can be resealed and sanded as per requirements and last for long with proper care and maintenance.

What Is The Best Top For A Kitchen Island? – Conclusion

While you might have heard about it from many kitchen designers, the kitchen island tops don’t have to match with other countertops. Homeowners can use it as a chance to differentiate between two surface options.

Also, you need to look if the island base sturdy for accommodating a weighty countertop? For example, granite is heavy, and when it is placed on top of an older island, the bases might not tolerate the additional weight. It is also essential to consider the important functions of the island.

When the main purpose is additional prep and workspace, a butcher block would be the ideal choice. Similarly, a lot of other factors are also at play for the most suitable countertops for your kitchen space.

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