Pros And Cons On Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertop installation has become popular in most home remodeling and construction projects in Singapore. This is because solid surface in a non-porous, a low maintenance and repairable countertop made from acrylic, pouring stones pieces and other useful chemicals. The mixture is heated & fabricated in order to form sinks, to surface of countertops, bath tabs, shower pan or even vanity tops.

Solid surfaces are known to be durable and versatile therefore, these surfaces are great substitute for wood or real stones. Nevertheless, before you consider using solid surface, it is important first to know some of its properties and weigh its advantages and disadvantages. Below are the benefits and disadvantages of using solid surface countertops.

Solid surface countertops pros

When you are renovating or constructing your house, using durable materials should be your first consideration because you are assured that they will take many decades before you think of replacing them. Therefore, in the long run you will spend little money since you will not incur the cost of replacing them often. Solid surface counter tops have seamless characteristics that make them consistent throughout. There’re no chips, loose ends or cracks that might cause damage. This type of surface is also known to resist impact than any other countertops we have in the Singapore market.

Non- porous
Materials that are porous can absorb moist and allow mildew and mold to proliferate therefore causing damaging after sometime. The solid surface countertop can be joined to the sinks without living behind gaps therefore creating a water-tight transition that eliminate moist areas where mildew and mold proliferate.

Easy to clean
Having a surface that is hard to clean can be a headache for you, because first you will end-up spending more time on cleaning a small surface and also more money on buying cleansers. Solid surface countertop is easy to clean this is because it has a homogenous surface that allows you to wipe down stains easily thus allowing easy cleaning & low maintenance. Therefore, you will save a lot by using little water, soap and mild-abrasive household cleansers when cleaning this surface.

Scratch resistant
A surface that cannot resist scratch wear and tear easily hence you end up spending more by replacing it with new ones. The greatest benefit of solid surface countertop is its ability to be scrubbed out by hand easily. Cigarettes burn on this surface can also sanded out easily. You do not have to use a lot of energy while fixing these types of damages.

When it comes to solid surface countertops, they are a wide range of patterns and designs that may suit your taste. They may even mimic wood, stones and granite. It can be also fabricated and shaped in order to fit any space.Solid surface countertops cons

Vulnerable to deeper scratches and heat
Direct heat application can cause damage on solid surface countertops because, heat may scorch, discolor or even crack this surface. Solid surface can also be damaged when you cut directly on it. Therefore, it is advisable to use trivets, hot pads and cutting boards.

It is expensive
Installation of solid countertops may be more expensive compared to other surfaces. In order to be assured of great results and durability, professional are preferred to install this surface. The cost of installing them may be high but offer long term warranties. Depending on your pattern and design, the price may different per square foot.

Vulnerable to hash chemicals
These countertops are not immune to strong chemicals such as paint removers or nail polish, oven cleaners or thinner lacquers. If this surface is exposed to these harsh chemicals, they can easily damage it. Therefore, it is important to keep any harsh chemical away from these countertops.

The use of countertops has now gone away from just an area of mealtime and food preparation. Contractors and homeowners in Singapore are opting for solid surface in order to answer the need for multipurpose countertops. This surface is the best option if you want a countertop that will last for long. They are different brand names of solid surface countertop in the Singapore market. Therefore, it is good to explore different brands available on the market before choosing one. Visit if you want the best professional for interior design.