10 Things to Consider When Designing Your Kitchen Interior

Are you planning to design your kitchen interior? Do you want some tips to make it more effective and appealing? Kitchen is one of most usable places in any home. It is subjected to a lot of dust, oil, and dirt. But at the same time, it creates the first impression for your home. You can say that it is the reflection of your personality. If you choose a good design, you will get appreciation and you will feel good while spending time in your kitchen. If it does not look appealing and does not offer the required comfort, you will get bored. Therefore, you need to focus on different ideas to design your kitchen. For your help, followings are ten tips for kitchen interior that you can consider for your Singapore home.

Plan before time

While designing your kitchen, you will have to plan everything in advance. You need to put function first. There are different types of Kitchen shapes including L-shaped and U-shaped. You first decide the shape and then plan other things accordingly. You need to plan for the sink, cooktop, and fridge. Make sure that the gap between these instruments is only six feet. It will ensure easy accessibility during cooking. You can easily access your fridge and sink. If there will be much gap, you will have difficulty to access them.

Start Fresh

While designing your kitchen interior, you will have to start fresh. Make sure that you are not using the appliances of your old kitchen. It will affect the look significantly. It might save your money. But there are other ways to save money instead of using your old appliances. You can consider cheaper appliances. These are well-designed and will look good. Moreover, these are budget-friendly. You can choose cheap countertops and drawers.

Make it safe

Safety should be the first priority. You need to make your kitchen safe and family-friendly. There should be good visibility to backyard and to the indoor play areas. Besides, you need to use safety-conscious elements like slip-resistant flooring and rounded countertops. You will have to keep your oven at adult height to avoid accidental burns. If you have younger kids, then you will have to focus more on the safety. You will have to ensure that they are not able to reach the cooktops or any other thing that can be harmful to them.

Be careful while choosing lighting

Lighting can enhance the beauty of any kitchen. In addition to look, you will have to make sure that the lighting system is able to offer the required amount of light. You need sufficient light in your kitchen for cooking. In the kitchen, you will not prefer a light behind you. It will cast a shadow on the countertop. Instead, you will have to keep it in front of you. You can use under cabinet lights. These lights will directly reflect on the countertops. Different types of lights are available in the current market. You can choose the one depending on your budget and preference.

Find place for storage

While designing your kitchen, you will have to think of storage. Normally, people of Singapore ignore this thinking that they can find place for storage later. If you will plan a storage space at the time of designing, it will look more convenient. You can use every cranny and nook. You can put the overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling instead of leaving a gap that will collect dust. When it comes to drawers, you can use deep drawers for easy access to your pans and pots. Besides, you will need enough storage space for appliances. Otherwise, there will be clutter up countertops.

Look for spacious surface

You need to take care of the surface as well. You should focus on a surface that is easy to work and can be easily taken care of. You need to keep in mind that the grout between the tiles is not easy to maintain. Moreover, the stainless steel will scratch easily. These things might require a little maintenance to retain the freshness.

Get the right power source

For any kitchen, the power source will play an important role. You need to choose an appropriate power source for your new appliances. Many people do not include electric lines and gas in the design plan. As the result, they face difficulties later. Therefore, it is important to take the help of experts to choose the right power source. Besides, you can measure the appliances to make sure that they can easily fit into the allocated spaces.

Arrange proper ventilation

Ventilation is the first requirement for any type of kitchen. For the proper ventilation, you can use a range hood that will ventilate cooling odors and will make the environment healthy. You can buy the one that is efficient and runs quietly. Moreover, it needs to be vented outside.

Take care of garbage

This is the last thing that will come to your mind while designing your kitchen. But this is an integral part of both traditional and modern kitchens. You should plan for recycling bins or garbage in advance. If you want, you can consider a built-in bin that can be easily disguised behind your cabinet door. Otherwise, you can buy a stainless steel garbage container. Make sure that you have a proper place in your kitchen to keep that container.

Get the right flooring

Flooring is one of the important parts of the kitchen. When it comes to flooring, we normally focus on the quality material and design. In addition, you should focus on safety. You should choose the one that is safe and easy to maintain. Besides, you need to ensure that it is sleep resistant. You will find many options in flooring including stone and hardwood floors. Stone floors might need periodic resealing. If you are prepared for this process, you can go with this option. Otherwise, you can consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is beautiful. But they need more maintenance while using under the fridge, sink, stove, and similar areas. The best option will be hard and natural stones. These are durable and can enhance the look of any kitchen interior.