What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Design Company?

The Benefits Of Using An Interior Design Company

Wondering if you should hire an interior design company? Have you ever flipped through magazines and find houses with interior designs that are always want you have in mind for your dream home and wish you would one day live in one? This is indeed the wish of many home owners in Singapore. Imagine returning to a beautifully designed and cosy home to unwind and chill out, or to bond with loved ones – the thought is simply divine.

To pursue your dream, you will have to first come up with your vision of your dream home. Then you need to plan the layout of the various fittings and furniture, the materials to be used, among others. Following the design phase, you have to engage the respective contractors to carry out the implementation works and finally to ensure that works are delivered according to your specifications. If you have the inclination and expertise in doing your own interior design, this is definitely an interesting personal project that you can undertake and be proud of. Otherwise, you may find the entire process too time-consuming, in which case, it is best to leave it to the experts in interior design.

Many interior design companies provide a one-stop service centre for busy professionals. It involves integration of idea conceptualisation, consultancy, project management, provision of carpentry works, tiling works, plumbing works, materials and colours selection, through to final details like quality finishes, art works and decoration pieces. The designer will first sit down and discuss with you your ideal home theme and will design accordingly to your requirements based on your budget, timeline and available space. Then the designer will work out a concept plan, along with the fittings and furniture. Once the drawings are approved by you, the designer will proceed to engage third-party contractors to execute the various construction works, electrical works and paint jobs.

One advantage of this arrangement is the ability of the designer to act as the single point of contact from the start of the project through to completion. This saves you tremendous amount of time in searching and hiring contractors, making multiple trips to the house to supervise the workers and doing final checks on the quality of works delivered. The interior designer is in the best position to communicate these to the workers and to make sure the specifications are adhered to. If there is a need to re-do certain works that are deemed unacceptable, the designer is available on-site to rectify the problems swiftly. After-sales service after project completion is a guarantee.

In addition, the designer will have the experience to advise you if your requirements are realistic and can also offer better and more innovative solutions or alternatives that you may not be aware of. Designers keep themselves abreast of the latest design developments and trends in the market. They can also value-add by helping you source for the desired furniture, lightings, decorations and artworks that will blend with the overall design theme. Economies of scale are achieved with the appointed contractors and vendors, hence lowering your project cost.

When space constraints are concerned – which is often seen with odd-shaped floor layouts or small apartments – it calls for ingenious designs to maximise the use of existing space. This often entails multi-purpose fixtures that can double up as storage cabinets, or those specially customised to fit into the small spaces available, which can be done by the design company. Its excellent workmanship can withstand the rigour of daily living as well.

If you stay in a private house, and you wish to extend your floor space by say, building extensions, or altering some parts of the buildings, approvals need to be sought from the relevant authorities before work can proceed. Not to worry – the designer will take care of the necessary drawings, submit the paperwork and obtain the approval on your behalf.
A well- designed house combines both functionality and aesthetics. It easily becomes the talking point when you host friends at home for parties. As with all proud home owners, let your friends marvel at the beautiful transformation.