Why People are Choosing to Install Wallpapers?

Home deco has become a popular pastime and passion for many Singaporeans. With increasing sophistication and taste, many home owners prefer to style their homes according to their own preferences. Besides selecting the right mix of furniture and furnishings, an aspect not to be neglected is the design and colour of the walls. Walls can indeed do a fantastic job in complementing the overall design theme, and can at times, take the centre stage as well.

Traditionally, many home owners in Singapore have taken to paint their walls in hues suited for their deco. However, to some others, the paint job can prove to be a time consuming and energy draining task. They have to assemble together an array of equipment such as rollers, trays, brushes, putty knives, scrapers, and ladder for the paint work. Prior to carrying out the painting, preparatory work must be done, like covering the rest of the areas and properties with large protective sheets to avoid unwanted paint drips or sprays. The DIY painters may lack the experience in painting especially straight lines and tricky edges that only professional painters can pull off. The paint work looks sloppy as a result. If not done properly, the amateur painters may also suffer neck aches and muscles strains. Young children or people with sensitive skin and respiratory systems may be at the risk of developing skin rashes and breathing problems associated with the paint fumes.

In view of the above-mentioned hassles and risk, many people have sought alternatives such as wallpapers to beautify their blank walls. Modern wall coverings have aesthetic appeal and versatility unmatched by painted surfaces. Most obvious is the dizzying variety of decorating options. Buyers are spoilt for choices when faced with such a wide selection, which can range from something funky to one that is elegant and classic. And yes, there are also numerous types of materials like cloth, wood, leather, cork available on the market, just to name a few. Home owners can create the illusions by transforming a wall or counter surface to look like wood, bricks, granite, marble or metal simply with wallpapers. Owners too have a free hand in deciding the way wallpapers are placed. For instance, they can fix half the wall with wallpapers and accompanying borders or just a particular wall instead of the entire room. Such accent walls add focus and uniqueness to a particular area of the room.

Wall papers can be very practical and useful too. With plastic or vinyl coated surfaces, new-typed wall papers are stain and moisture resistant, durable and able to hold up to the wear and tear of children and high traffic areas. Many varieties are even easy to clean. Unlike painted walls, owners do not need to spend a lot of time on priming and smoothing out the walls prior to laying the wall coverings. Textured wallpapers such as fabric can effectively hide blemishes like cracks or patches in the walls. Patterns on the wall papers can also hide dirt and smudges far better. Nowadays, high quality chemical wallpaper strippers are available, thus enabling easy removal.

Few people would debate the aesthetic excellence of wall coverings over paint. Wallpapers can be seen as extensions of the owners’ personality, as they lend a personal touch to a place and reflect the taste of the occupants. As wall papers can retain their original beauty and performance characteristics longer than paint, they prove to be a wise economical choice over time as well.