Why Lighting Plays An Important Role In Interior Design?

Decorating the interior of your home is not all about placing the right furniture or giving your walls and floors elegant finishes. You may spend loads of money on these things, but your home interior may still look plain if you do not match this with the right lighting elements. Good lighting, when matched strategically with your furniture, upholstery, and finishes, can greatly enhance the beauty of your interiors. Even if you only live in a simple apartment in Singapore, you can still amaze your guests once they step inside your home. Who would have thought that an apartment that looks basically the same as its neighbouring apartments on the outside, has something much more to offer on the inside? If you want to surprise your friends in Singapore, just turn on the lights and watch their jaws drop.

Enhances Finishes

You may paint your walls with warm colors of yellows and oranges, but they can still not exude the ambiance that you are trying to achieve. Try adding some warm lights and you will see how these paint colors are highlighted. Good lighting can intensify the colors that are already present in your home. At the same time, it can also subdue the overall colors. It really depends on the kind of light you use and on how you place them inside your home. For instance, if you want a warm glow, you can use lampshades that have an orange tint then place them at the corners of the room. In addition, you can also place a bright fluorescent bulb at the center of the ceiling, which you can use during those times when you want the room to look brighter.

Illuminate Your Room in Style

The primary purpose of lights in interior design is to illuminate the room, but you can incorporate some style to achieve this purpose while at the same time beautify your interiors. Take for example a chandelier in your home’s foyer. It offers bright lighting while making the room look very elegant and classy. Using a plain LED bulb, on the other hand, will do make the area well lighted, but plain looking.

Highlight Elements in the Room

Take for instance a wall that you filled with artistic framed paintings. You spent time, effort, and money to make that space very eye-catching, but you will fail if the room has a monotonous lighting. However, try hanging a light with adjustable neck and point it towards your wall. Anyone who enters that room will instinctively follow the direction of the light and see the masterpiece that you have created.

Create Illusion of Space

This is very true to condominium units or tiny flats. Very limited natural light can enter such types of home, which just makes the already small space look smaller. The best solution for this is to install numerous lighting fixtures that will greatly illuminate and brighten the interior of the home, thus making it look bigger and wider.

Incorporating lighting in interior design does not mean that you depend solely on man-made bulbs, lampshades, or chandeliers. You can also make use of natural light and you can do this by enlarging your windows and using glass panes that will let the sunlight in. There are many ways to make lighting work in conjunction with other elements in your home. You just have to be creative and try to experiment on different effects.