Why Is Wood Flooring The Best Option

Whether you have constructed a new home or renovating the existing one, installing a new floor can be one of the most expensive parts of such projects. You will have to start with choosing the right flooring for your home like laminate, wood, tiles or vinyl.

While choosing right flooring you should consider certain things like the amount of sunlight coming in, foot traffic and wear and tear to be borne by your floor. You will also have to consider the resistance of flooring to water and moisture along with their durability. Certain types of wood flooring like solid wood or engineered wood may be less moisture resistant than laminate or vinyl flooring. So they cannot be used in the kitchen and bathrooms. The tiles made of porcelain can be a more durable option for flooring but everyone cannot afford them due to their labor-intensive installation and higher price tags.

Though you can choose flooring for your place according to your budget still wood flooring is considered as the best of all the options available due to various reasons. Some of the features and benefits of wood flooring that make it the best of all flooring options are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Features that make wood flooring the best

Some people like wood flooring for its durability, stability and looks but there are certain other things that make wood flooring the best option than various others like:

• Density:
 Some people link density of wood flooring with the number of dents it can bear or with its heaviness. But it depends upon the quality of wood as some heavy in weight wood options may bear lee number of dents than others. The density of certain wood options may be better in a tropical humid environment whereas they may not survive in dry areas.

• Grain: 
Flooring woods like oak are very grainy whereas woods like cherry, birch and maple are non-grainy.

• Color:
 The color of some of the exotic flooring woods cannot be changed due to their dark natural colors. It can be an added benefit of wood flooring as you need not worry about the exposure of underlying color when it gets scratched. So, wood like American black walnut can be the best choice for kitchens as it can easily adjust darkest spices used in every household. But dark woods can attract animal hair and dust more easily.

Benefits of wood flooring

Some of the benefits of wood flooring also make it the best as compared to other flooring options. These benefits may include:

• Experienced people can install wood flooring directly:
 High quality floors made of hardwood are designed to fit stably as well as uniformly at any location. But you will have to choose between unfinished and finished wood floors to avail this benefit.

• Ease of cleaning:
 The floors made of hardwood do not collect dust, dirt and debris so they can be cleaned very easily. You can keep hardwood floors clean just by vacuuming, mopping or cleaning them dry on weekly basis.

• Look high in quality: 
Hardwood floors offer beauty, warmth and value to your property by them look highly aesthetic and elegant and this style remains forever. Moreover, the wood floor can make your place look more spacious than before, regardless of the location of their installation.

• Durability and strength:
 Certain long-lasting standards are followed while drying hardwood floors in the kiln, manufacturing them as well as installing and finishing them and the effects of these standards remain intact for several generations. They can survive in heavy foot traffic areas and active workplaces as the quality of hardwood flooring are hard wearing, durable and tough.

• Great investment for the long term: 
The value f your property increases when you choose hardwood flooring for it. Wood flooring can be a strong matter for an argument while reselling your property. It can increase the value of your property even more than the cost of wood floors you have installed. Thus, installing wood floors can be a great and long-lasting investment for the future. Along with providing you with a better price of your resale property wood flooring can also speed up the procedure of reselling it.

• Available in a wide variety:
 Hardwood floors are available in various types of looks. They are available in various styles, colors, species and stains to choose from as per your liking and budget. Moreover, you can also choose from unfinished and already finished hardwood floors. In this way, you can find a suitable wood flooring for your home even if your needs are very unique and diverse.

• Better for the acoustic feature:
 You cannot experience vibrations and hollow sounds if your hardwood floors are installed properly.

• Healthy quality of indoor air: 
For interiors, wood floors can help in providing a healthy environment in any building, domestic or commercial. They cannot trap pollen, dust, allergens, animal dander and particles found in carpet flooring as they neither have grout line nor embossing and fibers. So wood flooring can be the best option for the people suffering from allergies as it keeps the quality of indoor air healthy.

• Eternal quality:
 The looks of wood flooring are everlasting. It looks beautiful even after many years when other flooring options can fade out or wear out. With the passage of time the value of wood floors increases. Moreover, wood floors can be finished again after sometime whereas the floorings made of vinyl and carpets cannot be refinished, when they deteriorate after some time. Instead of replacing wood floors you should prefer to refinish them to give them new looks.

In this way, wood flooring can be considered as the best option as compared to the other flooring options due to the reasons discussed above. Though wood flooring is a bit costly option to choose but its effective price is very reasonable, if you consider all the benefits offered by it. Hardwood floors are more durable, long lasting, beautiful and warm than vinyl floors, ceramic tiles and laminate floors.

So, while choosing new flooring for your home you should prefer for hardwood flooring if your budget allows. If you are looking for reliable wood flooring in Singapore, you can try:
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