Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant?

Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant? Interior design is as much a social challenge as it is a creative one. We work closely with our clients from inception through to finishing touches.

We get to know you first so that we can fit our design to your preferences, lifestyle, and personal taste. At Adobe Interior Design Consultants, we believe that a satisfied customer should feel immediately at home in the spaces we create.


At Adobe, we pay particular attention to the seven foundations of interior design. These are: space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern. Let’s look at these one by one.


Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant?

Space is the three-dimensional area bounded by the walls. This can be broken down into positive and negative space. Positive space comprises the areas filled with objects – furniture, possessions, and even people. Negative space is simply what’s leftover.

It consists of open areas intended to enhance the airiness, comfort, or function of a room. At Adobe Interior Design Consultants, we balance positive and negative spaces to give your design the right feel – cozy, calming, or businesslike.


The line is an often-overlooked aspect of interior design. Horizontal lines of tables, counters, and flooring are counterpointed by the vertical lines of doors, walls, and furniture. At Adobe, we bear in mind how lines can have a powerful psychological effect.

Vertical lines exude strength and can give the illusion of greater height. Horizontal lines emphasize space and functionality. Diagonal or curved lines excite the imagination and inspire creativity.

Too many conflicting lines can confuse the eye and create a feeling of chaos or clutter. As ever, balance is everything.


Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant?

Form is critical in interior design: the form of the space overall, and the shape of the objects within it. Much of the character of a space is conveyed by the form it takes – small square spaces can be cozy, whereas tall spaces are more impressive.

Curved rooms often invite contemplation, such as the famous oval Orangerie Museum in Paris, where visitors sit and admire Monet’s giant water lilies paintings. At Adobe Interior Design Consultants, we feel the form is key.


Light is your secret weapon – without it, there is literally nothing to see. It is the aspect most linked to the emotions. Think how carefully cinematographers compose movie scenes using light. Light sets the mood, whether natural or artificial in origin.

Balancing natural and artificial light is a significant challenge. Adobe’s designers give you the control and flexibility you need and help you navigate the confusing array of lighting choices.


Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant?

This can be one of the most personal aspects of interior design. It functions in tandem with light to play upon the emotions. We will help you to create a color palette tailored to your taste and the requirements of the space.

From building materials to paint to wallpapers, rugs, and furnishings, a multiplicity of choices are available. Adobe Interior Design Consultants will help narrow this down to a focused, stylish, and appropriate selection.


The materials you choose will massively influence how visitors feel. Modern manufacturing technologies have opened up a range of possibilities. You can express your personal style or philosophy with textural choices.

Adobe can help you select environmentally-friendly materials, low-cost options, or high-end stylishness at a level to suit your budget. Whether it’s gloss, comfort, or quirkiness you want, we can help you fill your space with beautiful and fitting furnishings.


Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant?

The pattern is the aspect that most frequently draws the eye – the patterns you choose for your soft furnishings, walls, and flooring. Some clients may prefer to avoid patterns altogether.

We believe patterns can be used to express personality and add life to space, preventing it from being too clinical. We have a huge library of samples to help you with this very personal element of interior design.

Why Choose Us as your Adobe Interior Design Consultant? – Conclusion

There is much to consider when designing your space. Adobe Interior Design Consultants can help you visualize what you want your interiors to be and, most importantly, how you want visitors to feel. After all, interior design is as much about the people who use a space, as space itself.

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