What is the Best Tile for Kitchen Floor

Everyone designs their house with keen interest and cautiousness to fetch an alluring look. The tiles including that of the kitchen floor play a vital role in creating an artistic guise. The tiles can thus bring satisfaction to the owners. Unlike other floor tiles, the kitchen tile should serve the dual purpose of crafting the aesthetic look and also robust to withstand the rough usage of the floor.

The floor tiles are now obtainable in abundant varieties in the market. You will be bemused before finalizing the suitable floor tile. You can select the best tile for kitchen floor only if you know the requirements and purpose of the tile in your kitchen. To make it easier for you the most commonly preferred tiles along with their distinctiveness are listed below

Ceramic Tiles

What is the Best Tile for Kitchen Floor

The ceramic tiles are widespread choice for kitchen flooring due to its varied benefits. If you are looking for an extensive designs to choose from, the ceramic tiles is the right option. With ceramic tile you can choose any design from contemporary to country and plain to ornate. This luxury of selection with numerous choices comes along with a pocket friendly budget. The ceramic tiles have an appealing sturdiness making it suitable for kitchen where accidents can be common. They also possess excellent water and stain resistance. But the ceramic tiles have few drawbacks also. The rigidity and the weight it own makes it tough to handle. Thus makes the setting up cost expensive.

Porcelain Tiles

What is the Best Tile for Kitchen Floor

The porcelain tiles are identical to the ceramic tiles. The porcelain tiles also comes with immense option and pattern for the changing world. The workability of porcelain tiles are superior to the ceramic tiles in durability and water resistance. They can even withstand high impacts. Porcelain tile is best for kitchen floor if you are looking for a floor that demands minimum maintenance. All that needs is the sweeping and occasional mopping. With enhanced quality of the tiles the cost is also on the higher end than the ceramic tiles. Similar to ceramic tiles the weight and high installation price are another concern of the porcelain tiles.

Travertine Tiles

The travertine tile is the recently trending type among the floor tiles. It is a variety of limestone that can give your kitchen the innate charisma which attributed to its reputation. It is presented with native earth colors like brown, brunette and rustic colors that creates subtle country look. It is the choice for a rich lavish kitchen. The travertine tile needs a careful cleaning and maintenance. But if the right effort is put it will last for quite a long period of time. A fascinating feature of this tile is that it is biodegradable and hence sustainable. The cost of the tile is in middle between the ceramic and porcelain. The main disadvantage of the travertine tile is the extensive maintenance and the need for sealers if moisture is more.

Marble Tiles

The marble is the best tile for the kitchen floor if you are looking forward to a neat and stylish kitchen. This type of tile is chosen where the significance of the appearance of the kitchen is prominent than the workability. The magnificent looks it can offer to make it a high-end tile and highly expensive. But the looks are the main attractiveness of this tile as the functionality has so many negative aspects. In spite of being water-resistant this floor tile is highly slippery. The marble is prone to constant abrasions and tarnishes.

Cement Tiles

What is the Best Tile for Kitchen Floor

The cement tile is a scarcely used tile as it is commonly used in industries . But cement tiles have immense advantages in both designs and workability. You can match it with any design and any pattern . If laid out by the experts the cement tile long last making it the greatest feature. It also demands a very less maintenance. The cost is also in the average range making it affordable.

Thus the above tile varieties listed out comprehensively enlist detailed features and characteristics. The understanding of the different floor tiles in the market will help you select the best tile for the kitchen floor. It is should be understood that different tile suits well for different place and purpose. It wise to make your priorities sorted before making the choice for tile.

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