What Is The Best Lighting For Bathroom?

Lighting is both decorative and functional. Good lights can be an expensive item of furnishing, but an encouraging aspect of modern lights is the way in which shapes have been getting elegantly simpler. These less formally made lights also have a cheaper price tag attached to them. Most people just want their attractive lights to come on each time they flip the switch and they want the lighting to be sufficient so that they can perform all their tasks with ease and in safety.

What Is The Best Lighting For Bathroom?

The Right Lights for Rainy Days

In Singapore, with its tropical rain-forest climate, and with no true distinct seasons, it is warm and humid throughout the year. Singapore has a good share of beautiful sunny days, but even during the drier months in Singapore, they experience a fair amount of rain. With about 150mm of rain each month, the unpredictable wet weather throughout the year means you want to have good lighting for when the sun isn’t shining and the days are grey.

Energy Saving Lights

Just like in other parts of the world, LED lighting is being used in offices and homes in Singapore, and this bright, energy saving lighting is guaranteed to make performing any task easy and pleasurable. Lighting experts and interior design specialists in Singapore also work hard at integrating ‘green’ solutions into their products.

What about energy-saving bulbs that can be put into groups of 4 or 5 according to the light required in a room? These bulbs are attached to thin, invisible looking wires, and give the appearance of floating in a room. These days with a wireless lighting environment you can control and dim the light in any room from your smart phone.

Different Bulbs create Different Light Levels

In Singapore, the overall design for homes is light, airy, modern, stylish, fun and colourful, and these days there are so many cool and innovative ideas for lights, whether you living in an apartment or a mansion. Remember , it is the bulb which creates a certain lighting and they are available in a variety of bulb types, light levels and colours.

●Fluorescent – bright, daylight kind of lighting – there are different types of fluorescents on the market and you can also buy special coloured fluorescent lights

●Tungsten – these ordinary bulbs give off a yellowy light

●Halogen – this is like natural daylight and is known as ‘white light’ and these energy saving lights can be dimmed too.

●Spotlights – these provide a burst of bright, white light

●Incandescent – these bulbs have taken a knock since the arrival of energy saving bulbs but many people still love the old fashioned, warm glow provided by the incandescent bulb

Relaxing Lights for a Bathroom

Each room in the home has its own style and décor but they share one thing in common, and that is the fun features such as the lighting. Smart lights don’t only eliminate darkness, they also offer you a relaxing atmosphere, and this is particularly important when decorating your bathroom. Even with modern apartment spaces, cramped bathrooms can be made to look larger and brighter with clever lighting. Whether you opt for ceiling spotlight options or good lamps on the side of your bathroom mirror, shaving, applying make-up and brushing teeth is made easy.

If you like the idea of recessed lighting, you can avoid creating shadows by not mounting them right over the mirror. Even in the shower, recessed lights can be used and angled in different ways to highlight attractive features or tiles.

Different Ideas for the Home to be Lit Up

You can present design specialists with your ideas and budget and they will come up with with the perfect design for you.

●Many homes have their own home theatres, and what is more like imagining you are in a real cinema than having a star-dusted ceiling for instance with embedded LED lighting just like in the real movie theatres.

●A stairway which is lit from top to bottom won’t only provide safety for ascending and descending the stairway, the small lights built into each step can create a magical atmosphere.

●Instead of your regular bedside table lamps, a good design can suggest turning your headboard into an interesting feature by incorporating soft, romantic lights into your headboard.

You can take your pick from –

●energy saving lights

●ceiling lights

●crystal chandeliers

●simple lamps

●hanging lights

●ceiling light- and fan combinations

●stairway lights

●wall lamps… and much more

Looking for the affordable and stylish lighting in Singapore? You can either visit a lighting store or look on the Internet for different light options. From modern to retro chic to antique, you’ll find the finest lights in-store or on-line to indulge your love of light and design as you give your home a bit of a make-over which reflects good taste.