What Is The Best Color For HDB Window Grill

The window grill that you use on your HDB will help in a number of ways. It helps to offer security to the house, but it can also act as a décor for your house. When you are planning to install a window grill on your HDB flat, you will want to consider many factors, but one of the major factors to consider is the color.

The color of the window grill will highly determine the future comfort. If you choose an extra dark color, it can contribute to your house looking darker. The type of color that you choose must also match with the entire window fitting and the exterior of the house. That is why it is highly advised to be keen when choosing the color for your HDB window grill.

The color that you choose must also match with the interior theme of the house. This will also contribute to the elegance of the window grill. The type of color you choose for the window grill will also depend on the material used. There are some colors that will specifically fit a particular material of window grill that is used. Here are some of the color options for your HDB window grill:

1. Silver

Silver is a very nice color, which brings out elegance in a great way. There are some materials that will have the natural silver color, but you can still find some special colors that can be applied on your grills. Silver is not too bright nor too dark, and also it is a friendly color to the light. For that, you will have a bright house, and the window will still look elegant. Another thing about silver is that it will not catch dirt easily, which gives you an easier cleaning. It needs less maintenance as well, so it really is a great option to use on your window grill.

HBD Window Grill
HBD Window Grill

2. White
White is a common color that is used in most HDBs in Singapore. Technically, the majority of the houses in Singapore uses the white window grills. These grills are super elegant in the display. The best thing about this color is that it can go along with relatively any color theme in the house.

Whether you have a different color on the outside and a different one on the inside of the house, white will go along. It is a neutral color that will not clash with the color theme that is used in the house. The only challenge with the white window grill is that it is super sensitive to dirt, so you might want to check that it is clean at all times. This implies that it will require more maintenance and care when handling it. Any scratch or wipe of dirt can be noticed on the white window grill. For that, ensure that you are capable of cleaning it as frequent as ever.

3. Dark Brown
This is another common color that is used in many HDBs in Singapore. Even though dark color are not very much recommended, the dark brown window grill is also a people’s favorite. The good thing about this color is that it will also match with most of the interior colors used in the HDB flats. It will also match the exterior color. Dark brown is also easier to maintain and it will not need much cleaning, compared to the white window grills.

Dark brown will not be sensitive to dirt. The thing about the dark brown window grills is that it will hide the dirt that is accumulated. The dirt might not be easily noticed, but that doesn’t mean that it will not be dirty. It will be dirty, but the dirt will not be visible. This should be cleaned regularly, to enhance its durability. If you are extra busy and have less time at home, then the dark brown window grill is the best option for your HDB.

• Artificial Colors
You can also have some colors that have been engineered to enhance the elegance of the house. There are some aluminum window grills, which have a metallic color. Some metallic color can be gray, but some will have a partial gray or silver color, which might be darker or lighter. There can also be some metals that can have a powder-coated color. For the powder-coated grills, you will have a variety of colors to choose. The powder coat can have any color.

Here is where you can choose any color, but mostly, the bright colors are the most common. Also, the color should be too much bright or solid, for instance, having a deep red color, purple, orange, blue or yellow window grill is not the best option. Such colors will make your house look like a zoo or a kindergarten. You can choose a light pink color, if you want a bright color. The light pink color, almost resembles the white window grills.

When choosing the color, always forget about your favorite colors or those that you believe will look good on your window. Instead, choose a color that will suit your window perfectly and one that will not clash with the color theme of the house. Remember that the color of the window grill is there to enhance the elegance. When you have the right choice of color, you will be sure of a peaceful time, without having colors that will distract your attention. Do not go for too bright and solid colors or extra dull colors.

To ensure that you are on the right track, ensure that you check with the codes of colors to use on your window grills in your HDB house. There are some codes that you must follow, technically, there are some colors that are not allowed to be used on the window grills.

You can also hire a professional to fix the window grills for you. This will help you to have the right color choice for your grills. The professional company will advise you on the perfect color to use for your window grills. This will help you to avoid wrong choices and choosing the right color.

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