What Are The Questions To Ask My Interior Designer?

What Are The Questions To Ask My Interior Designer? When trying to decide on an interior designer it’s important to interview several prospective candidates. Knowing the right questions to ask and what responses to listening for are an important part of the process.

Experts recommend you should take a two-pronged approach to the interview process. Before ever inviting an interior designer to visit your home, make a short list of at least 10 candidates and choose the right questions to ask them by phone.

This will allow you to narrow down the field to three prospective candidates

Get a list of at least ten candidates and contact them by phone and ask them these questions.

  • How long have you been working in the interior design field? Can you send me a sample of your portfolio? I’ve looked at your website and your experience in the industry has led me to pick up the phone.
  • Why did you choose the interior design field? Where did you get started? The purpose of these questions is just to build a rapport.
  • Can you give me a breakdown of your billing and fee structures?
  • Do you charge by the project or are there any other purchasing fees involved? My following structure conversation and you’ll get a feel for how each designer works and whether they may inflate their fees depending on your project.
  • Besides your contract fees, are there any other things that may lead to additional costs?
  • Where did you get your degree in interior design? Are you licensed and insured? What other qualifications do you have? Learning what qualifications and certifications and interior designer has will give you a greater understanding of their experience training and knowledge
What Are The Questions To Ask My Interior Designer?

By asking a series of questions of a larger pool of interior designers, will help you narrow down the field to your final three. A truly professional interior designer will answer your questions with clarity and provide you with the information needed to take them to the next step.

At this point it’s important that they take you seriously, so never say to them you were going to do the decoration yourself. Once they understand you treat them with respect and view them as a professional, the next part of the interview process will be more straightforward.

Once you’ve narrowed your field of search to three prospective candidates here are some questions that you should ask them

What Are The Questions To Ask My Interior Designer?
  • Ask if they are available to come to your home for a free site survey to discuss your prospective project and meet them in person. By arranging this meeting, it will show that you’re serious. You should only work with designers who will do a free survey.
  • Ask them to bring a sample portfolio. Look for the details in their work and how it looks with your parents’ environment. Make sure that they’re tasting style reflects your own vision for your home.
  • Ask them to bring three or four references, and make some phone calls while they’re with you to see if these are legitimate or not.
  • Listen carefully to every answer they give you. Look for concise and clear answers. The best interior designers are good listeners.
  • Awesome for a detailed breakdown of their communication process. Movies communicate by phone, email, or text. Make sure that all communication is open and honest to drive the project. Most top interior designers will have a project management program they work with.
  • Ask for a detailed breakdown of their design process. Depending on how large your project is they should be able to detail 48 clear steps from start to finish. Listen carefully without them describe the steps and ask any questions for clarification
  • Ask them about your input in the design process and their policy regarding the selection of specific items. It’s important to clarify this from the start to avoid any confusion or conflict as a project progresses.
  • The next step in the process is to discuss money. How much do they charge and how do they process the purchasing and billing. Avoid any interior designer who cannot provide you with enough information on the transparent pricing schedule.

    If they’re not comfortable discussing your overall budget and they’re unable to clearly communicate the billing process to you.
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