Wallpaper Pros & Cons

Making any change in your interior is never an easy thing. You need to do a lot of changes in that and you need to do a lot of planning also. In order to do this, you can either paint the walls or you can simply paste some wallpaper there. Well the idea of using wallpaper is a good thing for many people, but some people just stay away from it because of various questions. If you also have such dilemma in your mind and you are not able to take your decision, then I am sharing some pros and cons of wallpaper. After knowing these pros and cons you can take your decision in a smart and intelligent manner without any doubt.

Pros of wallpaper
Cost effective:

The best thing that can encourage you to choose wallpaper is that it is highly cost effective. You can get different kind of wallpapers that are very cheap in terms of cost yet gives you a durable result. Also the cost of installation may not be very high for you as long as you can find the right person for same. This may vary according to the wallpaper type and expert, so we can say cost effectiveness is one of the biggest pros for wallpaper.

Easy to apply:

Applying wallpaper can be very easy. You may not need to do a lot of hard work for same considered you have flat walls. If you already have a painted wall that is properly finished does not have a lot of big holes or does not have a week plaster then you can easily apply it on your wall. If you have a week plaster, wholes, then you would have to consider some extra efforts for the installation. So, you can put this in the list of pros because most of the time you would have proper finishing in you home.

Multiple options:

There can be thousands of options for your home via wallpaper selection. You can choose multiple options such as vinyl, paper or other material for the same. That can give you different strength as well. Apart from that, you can also get option for the floral print, simple print, designs and other things. That is definitely a good and big reason to choose the wallpaper for your home. Without any doubt, we can put this in the list of pros as well for your wallpaper selection. That kind of multiple option will never be there for you in case of painting your home.

Gives fantastic look:

If you want to have a fantastic look in your home without much effort, then you can always use wall paper for that. Also, you can customize the look easily with it. For example, you want to decorate your kids room with a cartoon theme. Then you only need to choose right kind of wallpaper for that and things will be done instantly. You don’t have to do the painting or decorating of your kids room in separate ways. In that situation, you can do all the things easily and instantly and you can get tremendous outcome as well. So, choose that option and you would have great results too.

Cons of wallpaper
Need special care:

Although, wallpaper can be very tough and rigid, but still its damageable. You may need to pay special attention for the use of same. If a kid stabs any knife or fork in the wallpaper, then it may not survive in any condition. Also, that one hole may tear down the entire wallpaper as well. So, when you would ask me for the cons of same, I would say you must need to take good care of it. If you don’t take good care, and if kids make any damage in it, then you may end up loosing the beautiful look completely. So, it is a wise idea that when you do the wallpaper installation, make sure you keep such cons in your mind.

Not easy to remove:

While installing the wallpaper on your walls can be very easy, its removal is not that much simple. If you want to use a new layer of the wallpaper , then you don’t have to worry about such cons and you can add a new layer, but at the time of removing it completely, you will have to worry about it. At that time, there are various cons that you need to keep in your mind and this one is one of those. It is not easy to remove it and you may need to do a lot of efforts for same. Also, it will need a lot of time that is one of the biggest cons for same.

Need precise installation:

If you want to paint your wall you can do that with a roller brush and chances are there you would get a good result to. But if you try to do the same with wallpaper, then results could be devastating for you. You have to follow a precise installation method for same and if you don’t follow that method, then you may not get any good result also. This is definitely one of those cons that can restrict you to use it. So, next time when you think about installing it, keep this thing in your mind.

Reduce home value:

If you intend to sell your house after applying wallpaper, then I would suggest you not to do that. This simply discourage buyers to trust on you and it decreases the value of your home. I don’t think I need to explain the same to you again that it is considered as one of the biggest cons among those people that sell and buy home. At the other hand, if you are just doing it because you want to live and you have no intention of selling the house in near future, then you have no reasons to worry about this complication. In that case, you can easily use the wallpaper and you can get good result also without any complication or doubt in your mind.