The Top Four Rug Cleaning Companies in Singapore

Rug cleaning business in Singapore is very competitive and major industry players have to market their services in a bid to reach a wide audience. Apart from marketing, these rug cleaning companies strive to offer the best services to their clients. Overall, rug cleaning business among top players in Singapore is benchmarked on professionalism. Here is a recap that draws a distinction among the top four rug cleaning Companies in Singapore.

Singapore Carpet Cleaning (SCC)

Basically, SCC pegs its service on three major tenets: professionalism, a well trained workforce and competitive rates.

SCC’s Professionalism

– The company boasts of over 25 years experience in carpet cleaning
– Are committed to quality service
– They work round the clock; 24 hours a day throughout the week.

SCC’s Workforce
 The company has a well trained technical team that understands the job and the needs of their customers and is able to merge the two pursuits effectively.
– They guarantee the best experience between their technicians and clients during service.
-Concede that jobs are reserved for their best technicians.

SCC’s Rates

– The rates are competitive and honest with no hidden costs.
– These rates are benchmarked on carpet size, time taken on the job and quality of work done.
– The rates are generally categorized as either residential or commercial rates.
– SCC alludes that cheap is expensive and draws parallel between low rate and low quality service.

@bsolute Cleaning (AC)

The company sells its service by focusing on a well trained workforce, affordable rates and customer satisfaction.

@bsolute Workforce

– A highly skilled workforce that is composed of professionals and part time cleaners.
– The workforce undergoes regular training on the aspects of the job.
– They are friendly and understanding and are able to deal with customer problems.
– The result of team is always effective.
– The team works round the clock; 24 hours every day of the week.

@bsolute Rates

– Affordable rates exhibited through high quality work under low budget.
– The company offer discount especially on special occasions.
– Customers are given free price quotations with no additional cost.

@bsolute Customer Satisfaction

– Offer warranty for their service.
– The company tolerates customer complaints.
– The company is flexible and allows rescheduling of customer appointments.
– AC’s service guarantees safety to customers since they employ safe techniques.

E Home Service (EHS)

This company believes that professionalism is the route to satisfying their customers’ needs. Based on this viewpoint, E Home Service debunks certain myths surrounding the cleaning of carpets as it justifies their rates that reflect the industry rates.

Cleaning of Carpets

– Carpets should be cleaned as soon as they become dirty. A well cleaned carpet will last the depending not only on how it is used but also on the environment.

– Not everybody can effectively offer carpet cleaning service. It has to be done by knowledgeable professionals.

– The company communicates their rates over the phone to their client besides visiting such clients for further deliberation on the rates.

– The company holds that cheap rates are synonymous with low quality and the result is bound to be very expensive in the long run for those that prefer cheap services.

What dictates E Home Service Rates

– Size and type of carpet; where the size of carpet is smaller or bigger than the size for which their tabulated rates lie, then the price has to be agreed up between the company and the client.

– Degree of dirt on the carpet.
– Presence of furniture and their movement during cleaning.
– Discount reduces the amount charged.
– Location of the client relative to the company’s location.
– Method of cleaning employed.

House Cleaner Singapore (HCS)

House Cleaner Singapore is a company that offers advice to potential clients about the positives of cleaning a carpet as well as advice about the industry and safety issues. It then gives them reason why it is the premier carpet cleaning destination.

Advice on why carpets should be cleaned

– To preserve the beauty of the carpet.
– To remove odor that may result into health complications.
– To keep away household pests.
– To maintain the durability of the carpet and to preserve its resale value.

HCS advice on why it offers the best service

– Provide premier service owing to their advanced use of technology and latest equipment in the market.
– Have a pool of professional cleaners with experience that range between 5-10 years.
– HCS is highly reputable and they owe their reputation on their ability to satisfy their customers’ needs.
– The team works round the clock; 24 hours, seven days a week.