Should I Replace My HDB Bto Flooring?

Should I Replace My HDB Bto Flooring? Speaking of home renovation, flooring happens to be an expensive investment. Replacing the flooring involves a huge cut-off from the pocket. It is almost permanent as it involves a lot of hassles to redo the specific floor.

Do House owners often ask whether they can replace the HDB Bto Flooring?

Well, BTO owners are not allowed to replace the BTO flooring for the initial three years. It is a prerequisite to understanding the renovation guidelines and permits of HDB. Also, you should apply them to make your home renovation project a grand success.

It is a prerequisite to opt for the HDB laws, HDB renovation guidelines, and permits, which require observation and obtained.

Limitations in HDB Renovation Guidelines

Should I Replace My HDB Bto Flooring?

HDB is known to regulate the type of renovation works, which is executed within the HDB flats. Breaching such regulations might lead to prosecution from the specific Government. However, at times, HDB renovation permits are not given to certain house owners.

It is owing to fire and structural integrity hazards. At times, they might infringe on the lease agreements and different statutory regulations. However, HDB renovation guidelines are not allowed for certain public safety reasons. They might have a negative impact on the external facade.

Here are some HDB renovation rules, which should be taken into account as you plan to replace flooring:

Structural walls hacking

Hacking down the walls is considered to be a suitable option to incorporate additional space in the house. It is not possible to knock down the walls you want. Also, you should avoid knocking on the structural walls. It is because they uphold the building’s structure. Besides this, it assures that the ceiling in the home will not crash down.

Concealing the exposed pipes

Should I Replace My HDB Bto Flooring?

If you are trying to cover the exposed pipes technically, they should be accessible for accomplishing future maintenance works. If you make use of the cabinets for hiding the pipes, it is essential to have a 600MM by 600MM removable access opening.

Creating a platform from concrete

The majority of the homeowners turn to the raised platforms as an integral option to stylish the abode. They feature a sleep look. They are equipped with storage for keeping the barang away from sight. If the platforms in the house are composed of laminate or wood, the concrete platforms are considered to be the best choice.

If the extra weight surpasses the 150KG in every sq. m floor area, it might compromise the building’s structural integrity. It is essential to have a gap of about 2.4M between the ceiling and the raised platform.

Removal of BTO bathroom floor and wall tiles

The Singapore HDB Bto or Built to order flats are equipped with different floor and wall furnishings. They feature waterproofing membranes, which are present between cement floor and screed tiles.

It is accomplished to ensure that water will not leak through the flooring. For the prevention of building materials wastage, the homeowners are not given permission to uproot the tiles for the primary three years. But, you should ensure that the floor level is not more than 50 MM thickness.

HDB Renovation permit

Should I Replace My HDB Bto Flooring?

If you are looking for an open-plan space, it is not good to hack the old wall down. It is not possible to hack the load-bearing and structural walls. You require checking the flat’s floor plans. It is essential to demolish the walls, which are non-structural.

However, you should ensure that space is evaluated. To accomplish this, it is recommended to procure approval at first. Wall demolition begins from the ceiling, after which it is moved downwards.

Should I Replace My HDB Bto Flooring? – Conclusion

Such contractors have several years of experience in renovation works. Hiring a certified and trustworthy contractor helps in completing the renovation works properly. These contractors will provide the recommendation on the renovation plans that can add to your home’s beauty.

Such renovation plans also boost the elegance of your house.

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