Pros & Cons On Installing Grass Carpet

Synthetic Grass carpets also commonly referred to as artificial turfs are renowned to be costly materials that were only used in the homes of rich and famous folks. With time, more and more manufacturers initiated grass carpet campaigns; they became more reasonably priced. Nowadays, with the increasing number of grass carpet companies in Singapore, they have grown to be seemingly affordable. As a result, more individuals are using them to beautify their homes.

Installing a grass carpet is a practical and wise idea for home improvement and home repair. Synthetic or artificial grass carpeting may also be used for commercial purposes. This is an extremely versatile carpeting choice that can suit different applications. It can create beautiful lawns or gardens, carpeting for balconies or terraces, ornaments along spas or swimming pools, sporting grounds, parks or even school play grounds. Basically is is appropriate for use in any place where the possible of growing grass is less. Also if you do not want to go through the burden of maintaining synthetic grass then it can be an excellent solution. This carpeting choice has a number of pros and cons that you should go know about if you are planning on installing a grass carpet in order to improve your home.


• With artificial grass, you will not be required to water it every once in a while in order to keep it fresh, green and stunning as with the case with a grassy lawn.

• Artificial grass also does not need to be moved and hence that means less effort and hassle on your side.

• If you go for this carpeting option, there is no need of dealing with the problem of weed growth in your garden or backyard.

• It is instantaneous and will be ready to be used immediately after you have installed it.

• You will be able to get rid of allergies as well as hay fevers. It will be highly unlikely for adults together with kids to have any bad effects such as itching.

• It does not require much maintenance.

• It is durable; meaning that it’s long lasting. Hence one can even install it in the outdoor environments regardless of whether the weather conditions are harsh or not.

• It is smooth and soft and hence can be walked on even on bare foot.

• It is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

• It is a lucrative investment to the home owner since it is durable and requires minimal maintenance.


• Despite the improvements that come with artificial turf, homeowners ought to bear in mind that artificial grass has its disadvantages as well. Some of these disadvantages are:

• Synthetic grass can become increasingly way hot than natural grass. It is capable of reaching temperatures of about 150 degrees F. As a result the carpet becomes difficult to work on due to dehydration and heat exhaustion.

• Artificial grass is known to contain allergen latex, plasticizers and phthalates. The plastics decompose and release unsafe substances which can affect the reproductive organs, lungs, kidneys and the liver in ingested or breath in.

• Some synthetic grass requires infill such as granulated rubber or silicon sand. Granulated rubber which is made from recycled automobile tires may contain harmful metals.

• There are a number of claims that periodic disinfection of synthetic turf is necessary since it may contain some pathogens just like the natural grass.

• Friction between older generations of synthetic turf and the skin may cause severe burns compared to natural grass.

• Artificial turf does not cool the surrounding the same way natural turf does. It neither filters water pollutants nor air the way natural turf does. Grass carpets are likely to cause runoffs after a heavy downfall. The runoff finds a way around the sewage treatment and contaminates nearby water surfaces once it overflows. Installing an irrigation system underneath the lawn can ensure a better drainage during stormy weather.

• Artificial grass does not possess the biological means to ward off bacteria and fungus. As a result, residential lawns require to be cleaned more regularly.

• Resident owners are required to hose-off dust, leaves, debris and they have to scrub off pet water by using water and detergent.

If you are in Singapore, making the right decision about grass carpets will not be an uphill task. There are many design companies that will come in handy when you want to make this important decision. At, you can get all the necessary information from qualified experts.