Pros And Cons Of Installing Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are quickly becoming a preferred option for residents in Singapore not just because of their ambiance but because of light and privacy regulation. They give the open courtyard or veranda in most houses safety from destruction by rain among other harmful weather elements.Outdoor blinds are also used for the doors and windows for buildings that are being renovated or those that are new. They can be installed at both residential and commercial residences.

These blinds come in a variety of materials from wood, wood substitutes, plastic, to those made of metal. The vanes may also be vertical or horizontal.Considerations to put in mind when deciding whether or not you need outdoor blinds include, the amount of light you want in your home, the view you what to acquire and most importantly, what your preference is.One also needs blinds that are easy to manage and can be installed in any type of room for a variety of purposes. This is partly because of the different sizes and variety of fabrics used to make them.

Pros and cons of installing outdoor blinds


· Designs

There are numerous deigns for outdoor blinds available in Singapore meant to suite a variety of needs. One of them is the blinds with narrow vanes. These are referred to as mini blinds and they are light in weight and long lasting.The good thing about the variety of designs and sizes is that they accommodate any type of window. For instance the vertical blinds are an ideal solution for doors with an above average width.The outdoor blinds are usually measured, customized and installed to your liking.

· Safety

One might think they do not need them because there is no summer heat in Singapore but they block insects such as mosquitoes from entering your home.Some home owners are also using some of these outdoor blinds as way of enhancing their security.

· Installation and maintenance

The blinds help maintain untidiness in the house; they are clean and presentable too. If you choose to go with mini blinds, they are easy to install and inexpensive as well.

· Light regulation

Outdoor blinds are most preferred because they give one the choice of determining how much light they want in their veranda, yard or even patio. The achieved view is also not distracted like it would with other outdoor solutions.

· Easy to personalize

There are so many designs of outdoor blind designs to choose from enabling your room to have a complete look. However, if not satisfied with the design, you can make your own personalized changes. Blinds made of wood are easier to customize as they can be painted to harmonize the room. One can also replace the cords or choose to hide them. These blinds also match easily with any type of room.The good thing about blinds is that they do not have to be wooden to get the same look but coating them will give you a similar effect.


· If you have children around the house, then blinds with a pulling cord are not recommendable. Also, keeping blinds especially the vertical ones in position will not be easy with the children or even the pets around.

· Also, if your room has a lot of moisture or the temperatures are bound to go very low, the wooden blinds are not recommendable either.

· Outdoor blinds are sometimes quite hard to keep clean. They accumulate dust between the spaces in them which becomes quite troublesome to remove especially for mini blinds.

· Mini binds may not give your home that classy luxurious look as they are not as expensive. Some blinds such as the standard and vertical ones could also bring too much clattering in the house when adjusting them.

· Although some of the blinds will be easy to install, some are just too cumbersome while others are quite heavy.

· PVC blinds, despite being water resistant, they are not suitable for rooms that are exposed to a lot of heat as they cannot withstand too much of it.

· Replacing tapes with those made of textile is not always such a good idea as they may be affected by water, thus losing their original color.

· There are designer outdoor blinds in the Singapore market and some include those that double layered. Even though they are multi color and have texture varieties, they however, will be too pricey.

· Some of the outdoor blinds may be strong and hard to break but once they do, it is expensive to replace them.