Aluminum Grilles vs Wrought Iron Grilles: Which One is Safer and Better?

When it comes to house protection, you need to consider having window and door grille. Not many home owners think about installing this kind of grille, especially if they aren’t really worried about the safety and protection of their house. However, if you live in Singapore – where the environment is cramped and one house is closely built with the others – you need to have the right grille at home. It is quite common that intruders or thief come to one house after they have raided other houses – due to the close quarters and nearby location.

Among the various kinds of grille types available for purchase and installation, there is ongoing debate about which material is the best. Some people say that the wrought iron grilles are the best and they are very safe; while others say that the aluminum grilles are better. So, which one is better and which one should you choose? In order to know them well, we need to take a deeper look on each of the device.

The aluminum grilles are quite common to use and they are also very popular. The material is quite strong and solid; they won’t easily bend although they may get enough pressure. Because of their tensile ability and capacity, they are very safe when it comes to bending and withstanding impact. Despite their strong structure and solid weight, they are very lightweight. Because of this element, it is quite easy to install the grille. Unlike the wrought iron, aluminum is basically easier to install and the process can be fast too. If people say that the aluminum is easily getting rust, it is not completely true. In fact, aluminum is quite resistant to rust so you can expect your grille to stay intact for a very long time. However, if you let your aluminum stuff to be exposed to certain elements, the quality and the look will be compromised.

On the contrary, the wrought iron grilles have their own advantages. They are sturdier and more solid, so they are surely stronger than the aluminum. This kind of grille is impossible to push through or break. They won’t bulge with any impact and they don’t bend easily. They can also be bent into different shapes – that’s why there are different patterns for the wrought iron – but only professionals can do such thing. If you want to deliver aesthetic feeling into your house, having wrought iron material is the best option because it can make them presentable. Your door and windows will certainly look better with the different patterns and designs. If you want to make them resistant to elements – such as water or moisture – you can coat them first. It will make them resistant to any kinds of elements. But they aren’t lightweight, so the installation process may take longer and it isn’t as easy as the aluminum.

Based on these facts, you know that the wrought iron grilles are stronger and sturdier than the aluminum grilles, but it doesn’t always mean that they are safer. Installing the right type of grilles at home can improve the safety of your house – and also the aesthetic aspect.