Is Jotun Paint A Good Choice for Home Painting?

We’d all agree that finding the right paint for our home is essential, especially if this would be the first time that you’re going to paint your own house. Likewise, there’s a great deal of painting products available, and finding the best one could be overwhelming and a daunting task– more so if you’re not even aware on how to perform this. Fortunately, finding the ideal paint products could help you along the way, and one of them is the Jotun paint.

Available Choices

Jotun paint offers a good deal of variations that you could choose from. In fact, customers are often welcomed by a good deal of paint products, depending on their needs. That being said, it’s possible to find the best paint that could meet and be suitable to your needs, as well as your preferences. Aside from that, you could also find an array of beautiful colors upon using this product. For that reason, there has been a good number of people who love using this product, because it gives them the ability to paint and decorate their own houses with ease, even though they don’t have any special skills or training at all. Likewise, it’s quite easy to find the right paint color that you really want for your house with the help of Junto Paint.

Garnered a Lot of Awards

Jotun is a company that has received a considerable number of awards, being referred to as one of the best painting companies in Singapore. Also, this company is considered to be one of the most popular brands all throughout the nation, but that’s not all; it’s also an international brand that has been quite famous for a number of years. That’s the main reason why a lot of people are fond of using this product. It’s a paint made from high quality materials, which only implies that it’s not only the common households who use this brand, but even painting services as well. This means that with Junto paint, you could guarantee that you’re only getting the top-quality, allowing you to improve the overall look of your house, right when you want or need it.


A lot of people love using this paint, not only because of its quality, but the price as well. You could even say that you’ll be getting more than what you’ve originally paid for. The price of Junto paint is very reasonable, that most homeowners, especially the ones living in Singapore could opt for this high quality paint. We’d all agree that price is considered to be one of the most important factors when choosing paint, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If you’ll compare all the paint products in Singapore, you’d realize that Junto paint is considered to be one of the best products, offered at a very affordable price. This means that, the price would never be an issue if you’ll consider this brand.

Types of Exterior Paint

Water-based (Latex): It’s a type of paint that dries fast and could be cleaned easily with the use of soap and water, unlike oil-based paint. Another advantage of using this type of paint is that, it expands in warm temperatures and contracts when it’s cold. It’s also durable, under different types of conditions. Solvent-based (Oil): This type of paint dries slower than latex. In fact, it often takes a day for it to cure. You could clean it with the help of paint thinner or turpentine. Additionally, if you’re going to paint a surface in your house that has been already painted, this is considered to be an ideal choice Though, it should never be used over a solvent-based paint, because it would result to peeling

Paint Finishes

It’s the degree of light reflection the paint possesses. Generally, the less sheen a paint has, the less stain-resistant it is. Here are the paint finishes Junto offers.


This paint finish is considered to be durable and easy to clean. However, it has a lesser shine as compared to gloss. For trim work and casings, semi-gloss works well.


This is considered to be the toughest, cleans easily, and is very resistant. Thus, a lot of people consider this to be the excellent choice for areas that are often used, such as window casings and door jambs. Aside from that, for trim work and shutters, gloss paint offers a nice contrast to the siding. Though, it would also show the imperfections on the surface.


It offers a good combination of moderate sheen as well as easy cleaning.

Flat Paint

Flat paint is probably the best choice, especially for aluminium and vinyl siding that are either dented or scratched, because it could hide the imperfections and splatters when applies.


If you’re planning to change colors, it’s recommended to purchase a small quantity of the color you’re planning to use. Likewise, try it out before you even think of buying several gallons depending on your need. Start with a small area and wait for a couple of days. See if it’ll react to each other or would someone change the appearance.


The primers being offered by Junto paint are often necessary in order to ensure that the pain would adhere to the surface, giving a more uniformed appearance, as well as a long-lasting finish. It’s also important if you’re repainting over dark colors.

There you have it; these are just some of the reasons why you should consider Junto paint for your next painting project at home. Additionally, there has been a good number of reviews praising this product, and it’s widely available nationwide. Though, when it comes to your pain job, you could always contact your preferred painting service that would allow you to paint the house, but it’s ideal to ask these people to use this brand. A lot of experts do consider the use of this main, because like what has been mentioned earlier, it’s made from high quality materials, and it’s very durable as well. Thus, you’ll be assure that your investment would last for a number of years.