Is It Expensive To Install Awning?

Installing retractable awnings in your home is very important. Awnings does not only increase the comfort of your home but also serves other roles such as preventing ultra violent rays and act as an energy saver in your home. It also enables your children play at the backyard even when it is raining. The question that disturbs many home owners is, Is It Expensive to Install Awning in Singapore? The cost of installing awnings in Singapore varies considerably from one city to the other.

However, there is no need to worry because it is generally affordable to install awnings into your house or perhaps a restaurant. Determining the cost of installing awnings particularly retractable awnings can be very hectic and challenging. This is because different contractors offer their services at different cost breakdown. It you want to go fort the best awning price in Singapore then it is important to consider the following factors which dictate the price of installing awning in your property or a home. The awning price is based on the following cost breakout in Singapore:

Labor cost.
Most manufactures and professional awning installation calculate their cost installation inclusive of labor cost this means that the cost of installing awning in your home may depend on the labor. Different contractors charge different cost as a labor fee. This means that if you want to go for the best prices ever, it is important to consider the labor cost that the contractor charge. Though different contractors and stores sell pre-fabricated awnings, they often don’t extend their installation services. Most professionals who deal with the installation of awnings in Singapore charges approximately 500 dollars per hour as labor cost. This means that the total cost may range between 700 up to 900 Singapore dollars.

The cost of Materials.
The awning price may vary depending on the materials bought. Materials normally dictate the price of installing the entire awning structure. Different stores in Singapore sell their materials at different costs. However, this should not bother you because most contractors and stores sell their materials at relatively affordable prices. However, the quality of the materials bought will also determine the cost of such materials. The higher the quality of the awning materials, means that the higher the prices. The best way of finding affordable materials is to carry out a comprehensive comparison on different manufacturers and sellers dealing with the awning materials. Some of the most important materials include; fabric cover, retracting machines, installation brackets and installation hardware.

Extra costs.
The awning price is also depended on other extra requirements such as the design of the awnings, treatment and cleaning. All such requirements may significantly increase the cost of installation. Most homeowners prefer going for retractable awnings with the side curtains which is more expensive. Also the cost of coloring or treating the awnings to avoid discoloration may increase the cost of installation in Singapore. If cleaning is necessary, then this means that you are likely to incur additional costs. The side curtains are likely to cost around 2000 dollars while the cost of cleaning is around 400 dollars. This means that the total cost is likely to be around 3000 Singapore dollars even though this may vary depending on the contractors carrying out the job.

Therefore, the cost of installing awnings in Singapore varies depending on the city and the contractors. Other costs may include professional consultation and measurement fee. All these additional costs are likely to increase the average cost of installation. However, the cost of installation is relatively affordable in Singapore as compared to different countries in the world. The awning price is relatively affordable hence the best for you.

This leads to a general conclusion that it is not expensive to install awning in Singapore. In fact most awning installation companies offer free quotation for their clients or customers in Singapore. If you need awnings that will last longer, then it is vital to go for premium quality awnings and go for the best awnings professionals ever. However, this does not mean that you need to spend extra cash in improving the comfort of your home. Most awning companies charge reasonable amounts of money as installation fee. But it is somehow cheaper to install your home with awning in Singapore.