Is Curtain Or Blinds A Better Option For Living Room?

When it comes to your living room, you want it not only to be functional, but also stylish. Among the ways to achieve this is by installing the right curtains or blinds. It is worth noting that Singapore is one of the fastest growing nations in the world. This means that people here live in style. If you are moving into a new house or you just want you house to have a new look, you will have to make a decision whether to install blinds or curtains in your living room windows. It is worth noting that some people will prefer window curtains while others will go for roller blinds. Lets us look at some of the factors which you should consider to determine whether to buy blinds or curtains for your living room.

Most blind manufacturers in Singapore use high quality materials in making the blinds to ensure that they are durable. Among the high quality materials used in making the blinds include fabric, tubes, operating system, brackets and the steel tubes. On the same note, most curtain manufacturers use very high quality fabric to ensure that the curtains are as durable as possible. Most of the curtains today have the capacity to retain their original color even after washing them for hundreds of time. So, if you are thinking about durability, both the blinds and the curtains are equally good for the living room.


Curtains are likely to be cheaper that roller blinds. However, this does not mean that all curtains are cheaper than blinds. In fact, high quality curtains are much more expensive than typical blinds. Therefore, whether you choose to buy curtains for living room or blind for living room will be determined by quality and the amount of money that you want to spend.


When it comes to maintenance, you have to think about washing the curtains. If curtains are washed more often, they are likely to lose color. That is why many people prefer to have several pairs of curtains such that when one pair gets dirty, it replaced with a clean one and the dirty one is washed and kept for later use. On the other hand, once roller blinds are installed, they require little maintenance. However, you must note that unlike the curtains that you can pull down any time and wash them, blinds(especially the motorized) may require special cleaning similar to the one used to clean electrical appliances.

Aesthetic factor

Curtains for living room are a good choice to people who are not very interested in making their house look fully modern. These curtains come in different colors which ensure that you have an opportunity to choose the curtains that grooves well with the theme in the house. On the other hand, those people who want their living room to look fully modern will go for blinds. Although most of the blinds are typically monotones, the modern ones are coming with various shades which make them very appealing.

Between curtains for living room and blinds for living room, which one is a better choice? Considering the fact that Singapore is a fast moving country, most of the people here will prefer blinds as they look more modern when compared to curtains.