Interior Designer Tips On BTO Condos

Real estate is one of the flourishing investments opportunities across various sophisticated regions. In places like Singapore, real estate business transactions and exchanges are thriving and many people have already dived into the opportunity. Finding BTOs and condos to buy and sell should not be a daunting task. However, getting more for your BTOs and condos requires more insights. Interior design and decoration for instance is very important if you want to increase the value of your property.

For homeowners in Singapore, it is an inevitable part of settling in your new home. You must ensure everything is properly placed and looks good. There are various interior design ideas and inspirations you can find online from forums and blogs. Without proper design and decoration, your BTO or condo will look ordinary or even disorganized which is quite embarrassing whenever you have guests at home. It can also cause different inconveniences, which is why getting inspired to decorate your interior design is very important. Here as a few tips to help you with BTO and condo interior design.

Focus on maximizing space

You must strive to create extra space within your condos. A typical condo depicts limited space as these units only feature the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room. There is no additional space for storage which means you must nicely organize your items in such a way that leaves space in your condo.

Consider multipurpose furniture

Long gone are the days when you needed a piece of furniture for every single thing. Today, it makes more sense to limit your furniture by choosing multipurpose furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. Furniture is the number one consumer of BTO and condo space. Multipurpose options simply give you one item that can be used to handle another purpose and you do not necessarily have to move it all the time. Huge coaches and bulky furniture is of no use. You are better off with foldable beds and sofa-cum-beds are recommendable options as they can be folded to give more space when not in use. You can also replace couches with ottoman chairs and stools.

Go for a personal style

If you do not pick your unique style, your condo will be no different from any other. Interior design and decoration is not just about space and convenience but should also produce an end result that is aesthetically beautiful. There are several ways to make your condo stylish in Singapore. From classical to modern and organic ideas, style is all about customization to your exact preference. You can use wallpapers and draperies to create themes and specific hues or vision paths that the guest’s eye would trace. You can also go curvy by choosing furniture with curved edges, round tables and carpets that have spirals. Whichever style you pick, make it personal and attractive for the eye without compromising space and convenience.

Find out what adds space illusion and illumination

Lighting is a very important element of your condo and since the space is small, it is easy to jam it up leaving some parts dark. Consider using glasses and mirrors as much as possible. These items reflect light illuminating even the hidden parts of the BTO. They also create an illusion of a larger space. However, you do not need mirrors and glasses everywhere to achieve this feat. Simply select a few areas that would maximize the illusory effect like an interval wall in your living room. Apart from mirrors, you can use metallic appliances, laminated wood and glossy bright tiles that reflect light and are easily seen from a distant.

Avoid too many extras

It may be your favorite indoor flower or bouquet pots, living room dolls and teddy bears or any other extra. People have different items they just feel good seeing around. Unfortunately, condos are space limited and these many extras only jam up your design making it look packed without extra space. Keeping things simple and plain can be a good way to open up the view in your space. Consider decorating the ceiling with paint patterns or removable stickers for enhanced appearance.

Consider professional help

Decorating and designing your BTO or condo interior can be inspiring yet overwhelming and time consuming. If you are not in the habit or rearranging your house from time to time, it can be very difficult to achieve spectacular designs even if you have the idea. This is why professional assistance is often recommended. There are many businesses that specialize in condo interior design in Singapore. Finding such businesses should not be a daunting task. However, not all designers you run into can guarantee top quality services. It is therefore important to keenly review the offer before spending your money, generally, businesses and professionals that have consistently met user requirements will have a good reputation within the area. You can always look through the comments, opinions and reviews of previous clients to gauge whether the specific business will meet your needs. Aspects of affordability, reliability and quality guarantees are also experienced. It is often advisable to use the services of credible licensed and experience companies that are allowed to offer such services in Singapore.

Where to find interior designers

As aforesaid, finding interior designers should not be a tall order. Most businesses that offer condo interior design services also own professionally designed websites where detail of their services is given. Finding them is as simple as searching for businesses close to your area on your favorite browser. Once you have 3 or 4 potential businesses, simply compare their offers using the metric insights given above (experience, reputation…).


A good interior design is that which has extra storage space, leaves enough room for walking and settling on the appropriate areas and looks aesthetically beautiful. In order to achieve this, you must find ways of maximizing the use of space without clogging up all room. It is also important to incorporate a style that matches your unique personality and preferences. You can gain more insights into condo and BTO interior design by contributing in forums and blogs as well as viewing designs in real estate property. Ensure you use high quality interior decoration and furniture.