Interior Design Tips

There is a wide range of variety of styles from industrial, modern, Scandinavian, many other styles. If you have had your home’s design for years, I think it is about time to give a little improvement or renovation to make it livelier, vibrant and exciting. Transforming a home will makes you feel positive with your life. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Paint your Walls

Changing the color of your walls is one of the first steps if you want to consider revamping your home design. Choose the perfect type of colors to use to create the atmosphere you imagine your house to have. Having no colors at all will not just look bland but also lifeless. Using colors especially bright ones will give you a refreshing feel and it will help your home look more relaxed.

2. Lighting

You can use lighting if you want to highlight a specific area of your home. You can choose whatever atmosphere or ambiance you want to create intimate and relaxing place. You may also put into consideration that every part of your house requires a specific type of lighting.

3. Layout and Furniture
When it comes to furniture, you can actually mix modern and old however you need to find the perfect variations for them to compliment your chosen interior design. You need to also choose colors that will match to the furniture. Always choose a piece of furniture that will feature a color that you like. This way, it will create an environment that feels like you.

4. Cement Floor or Walls

If you want an industrial style but you also want to keep the chic vibe, you can use cement screed floor or wall. The raw look complements well with retro or fashionable look.

5. Venetian Blinds

In today’s trend, curtains are not really “in” and will only make your house look dated. Today, homeowners are more in favor of using Venetian blinds with modern way design to help control sunlight into the room and as well as to retain privacy.

6. Gallery Walls
It is a general rule that when it comes to designing your home, you always have to choose a piece or design that shows your personality or character. You can always change the images and frames or rearrange them to give it a new feel if it gets boring to look at.

7. Brick Walls
Brick walls still retains its popularity when it comes to interior design since they go well with different styles. It may be from the
raw, red look to cemented or even undone ones. Some adventurous people even tried using brick walls with incomplete layers.

8. Hang an Artwork
Hanging an artwork can be one way of designing your home. But make sure that its center should be 150 centimeters to 160 centimeters above the floor.

9. Window Trims
Window trimming are usually not focused on when it comes to designing your home. You can either paint them green to blend in with the landscape or pitch black.

10. Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Always make sure that you organized your things and keep clutter away. When choosing a mirror medicine cabinet, always avoid designs, which has openings in the middle.

11. Throws and Cushions
If you want to give your living room a little bit of color and feel, add your boring sofa with throws and cushions with bright colors. Throws can help in protecting your sofa and cushions will make your living room more welcoming.

12. Dining room Seating
Choosing the perfect dining room seating will give it plus points in your home design especially when it is conventional yet cozy. It will give you a friendly feel if you are seated together.

13. Glass Shower Doors
Normally, homeowners choose frosted glass for privacy. You can choose a frameless sliding shower door to give it a sleek look.

14. Straw Rug

Straw rugs are more associated outdoors but it can still look as good when used indoors. There are several types like straw, jute or rush – they usually come in neutral colors but still gives the chic vibe.

15. Silver and Gold Designs
If you are into metallic designs, you can mix gold and silver since they really look sophisticated and classy together.

16. Mix Tableware
It was a long time ago when you are required to use matching tableware but today, it is better to mix it. Just be sure to use variations that will look good together.

17. Choose a Comfortable Sofa
Whether you have kids or not, it is always best to invest in a comfortable and durable sofa that can last forever as well as complement your design.

18. Maximize Space

The usual mistakes homeowners make is cramping their homes with their appliances and other furniture and this is why there is a little space left. If you have smaller space, you need to just use a few pieces to have that contemporary vibe.

19. Kitchen Island
Only use a kitchen island when you know that you can use it for various reasons like giving you extra space for food preparation, or if you have guests, you can use it as your buffet table or you can even use it as a dining table.

20. Dining Room Arrangement
You need to determine the boundaries of the kitchen from the dining area. Always make sure that you still have space so you can enjoy your food without really being near to where you prepare it.

21. Hang a Pot Holder
A hanging pot rack or holder gives your kitchen elegance. Not only that it gives you an exciting and new look, but it will also give you more cabinet spaces to store other items.

22. Fake High Ceilings
Use low furniture to give a visual eye trick of height in your
space. Low furniture will bring the attention down and not at the top.