Interior Design In Singapore

Looking for interior design? Homes in Singapore usually belong to a few classes, such as HDBs, condominiums, terrace houses and etc. Majority of Singaporeans will live in a HDB apartment or condominiums, where it is uniform throughout most of the time and self-contained within a block and limited by the square foot.

There is not much expression of creativity when looked upon from the outside as due to functionality, HDBs and condominiums are built upwards to save space and may appear plain and uninteresting. The wealthy few are able to live in bungalows, where they have the opportunity to choose how their houses look like from the outside.

It is from this, that the only way people can express their creativity and freedom of idea is through interior design within the house. It involves anything within the house or sheltered area to making it useful for human interaction and activities and to be aesthetically pleasing as well. It can involve anything from the design arrangement of the chairs, tables, beds, any furniture, to the wallpaper, and the positioning of a variety of furniture within the room or designated area.

Anyone can do it as long as they are willing to invest the effort and money into planning the positioning and the looks of room and turning it from a desired plan to an actual realization of it. Some people may decide to arrange themselves as they just want to have a room for human interaction and activities and may decide that it is not worth the effort to make it pleasing to the eye, while others may want to have it both and want to be treated to a visually stunning view when they get home and to have maximum efficiency within the room as well.

Some may plan the interior designing of the rooms themselves and others may decide to save themselves the hassle of planning and to contract the job out to an interior design company to do the designing for them instead.

Interior designing always starts with a plan, a vision and aim for how it will materialize at the end. Meticulous planning has to be done for the floor plan, the theme of the place, the furniture to be placed and position within the room, the colour of the room, even the amount of sunlight. Also, the rooms must be able blend in with each other such that there is not such a stark contrast when moving between rooms but the feel of it must geld and flow smoothly. There must be hints and glimpse of artistic touch and sophisticated inspiration to the room as well for it to be good.

As such, people’s taste may differ and what may be artistic and appealing to one might not be to another. It is all up to personal preference and how you the home owner would like your house to be like. If you are having trouble deciding how it should look like, opt for a simple yet functional look, hire an interior designing company to do the job for you.