How To Select Roller Blinds For Your Condo?

Most new condo owners get confused while buying the best kind of roller blinds for condo. With a wide variation of architectural designs of condominiums all across Singapore, it becomes imperative to know which roller blind is best for your house. Although there are a number of window blinds available in the market, the roller blind seems to be more effective as it is much advantageous than other and comes in a user friendly price. 

Before choosing the right roller blind for your condo, it is essential to know your requirements so that you don’t miss on anything. Here are 3 things to consider before selecting roller blinds for condo. 

1. Fabric

The fabric of the roller blind is one of the most important things to look for while choosing one. It may depend on the position of the windows of your condo and how much use it has. For examples some windows may only need to be covered during night for privacy while some that have exposure to sunlight may need to be covered all through the day for controlling glare. Depending on the situation you may choose from the below mentioned types:

* Sun control- Such fabrics have a tendency to block solar rays and has a reflective action. If the window receives too much sun light, a sun control or anti glare roller blind may work best. It also saves your home from damaging UV rays that enter through the windows.

* Energy saving fabrics- Roller blind fabrics with such properties are the most wanted ones because they help you in saving energy by minimizing the heat loss from inside your condo. Such fabric is coated with special material which acts an insulator and reflects heat back into the room thus minimizing your heating costs.

* Anti bacterial fabric- Blinds that are used for moist areas like bathroom and kitchen windows tend to gather bacteria which can be harmful to you and your family. Roller blinds made of anti bacterial fabric inhibits the growth of microorganisms and maintains a good level of hygiene.

* Moisture resistant fabrics- As the name suggests, it is waterproof and can be used in places that have high moisture levels. The fabric is resistant to water and does not get damaged easily. It can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth.

* Washable fabrics- If you are do not want someone else to clean your blinds, go for washable roller blinds. These are easy to clean even in washing machine, however it is essential to follow particular washing instructions that the manufacturer provides or you may spoil your blinds if washed in an improper way.

* Flame retardant fabric- Best suitable for kitchen windows that are prone to catch fire. It is extremely safe and made from materials that do not catch fire easily.

2. Privacy and light reduction

Well, not to mention blinds help in avoiding unwanted gazes from outside and if you are concerned of your privacy, you will definitely like to buy a roller blind that completely covers your window, so that no one can peek in. Roller blinds for condo come in materials that have different transparency and if you buy one with excessive transparency, you will not be able to maintain privacy inside your condo. Depending upon the type of shade roller blinds provide, it can be categorized into following types:

* Blockout roller blinds- Such blinds are best suitable for bedrooms which require minimum light but maximum privacy. It helps in blocking most of the sunlight and heat coming inside from a window and minimizes bleaching action of sunlight on floorings and furniture.

* Roller screens- If you want to block light but still maintain the view, these roller blinds are best for your window. They control glare in living rooms yet provide some light to enter.

* Translucent roller blinds- Ideal for rooms which require reduced light. These blind do not block light completely yet help in maintaining privacy by reducing view from outside.

3. Decorative trim and Valances

Once you have decided the type of roller blinds to cover your window, you may choose colors, decorative trims and valances that match your room décor. You may opt from a wide variety of colors starting from elegant sheers, light shades to nature inspired and even light control shades.

You may also go for decorative trims like wavy, center point down, center point up, traditional or simply straight. Valances also affect the appearance of the roller blinds. You may select either standard or cassette valance according to your style.

Although selecting roller blinds for condo may be a time consuming task but once you know your requirements, it actually helps you in deciding what to buy. Considering the above factors before buying may help you in selecting the right blinds for your condo.