How To Paint Your HDB Flat in Singapore?

HDB flats are far from grand. From the outside, all units look similar and simple. However, this should not stop you from beautifying the interiors of your home. It would be a nice surprise to your guests once they enter your flat and they will be welcomed by a great looking interior that will surely make your unit far different from the rest.

Improving the esthetics of your HDB flat in Singapore need not be costly. This is the common concern among flat owners since most cannot afford to buy expensive furniture or pay huge fees for interior decorators. By simply repainting your home, you can significantly give it an amazing make over. Paints do not cost too much. In fact, you can even do repainting jobs several times a year to give your home a different look for each season. Changing the paint of your ceilings and walls regularly is also pleasant to the eyes, as it give a new breath of life to a room that has become boring.

To help you save on costs for your paint job and to ensure that it is done on time, here are some tips that you may take note of when painting your HBD flat in Singapore.

-Find a good painter.

You may be tempted to do the job on your own, but this can become a disaster especially if you have no experience with painting. With your limited knowledge, you may also end up buying the wrong paint or buying more than necessary, which will just be a waste of money. Expert painters may charge a fee for the job, but they can assure you that the painting project is done perfectly to provide the results that you need.

-Set a Budget.

When transacting with a painter, do not leave all the decisions up to him. You should set a budget and both of you should talk whether it is possible to finish the task with that set allowance. You may need to compromise a little or spend some more if you really want a good outcome. The good thing with professional painters is that they know how to mix paints well in order to make the most of it and they can avoid over purchasing unwanted cans of paints. Small things like this can help minimize your expenses.

-Ensure Your Safety.
You can always request from your painter to use non-toxic paints. You should remember that even after the paint job is done, solvents from the paint can continue evaporating to the air, and this can be harmful to you and your family. Professional painters know just what brands are safe to use, you just need to inform them about this requirement early on.

-Set a Schedule.

Once you have found a good painter, the next step is to set a schedule for the painting job. If you are having your whole flat painted, this can take several days to finish and you may have to relocate temporarily until the job is done. If only one room is to be painted, you can set aside a good date where you can spend it rearranging furniture in order to make the room free for the painters.