How To Choose The Right BTO HDB Interior Design in Singapore?

Many apartment and home owners in Singapore are facing the problem of space shortage. The city state of Singapore remains a victim of land scarcity despite its remarkable reputation in the international economic market. This limits the practice of house interior design. However, this has been transformed by the creative and innovative Singapore designers. They have transformed residential units into fabulous spaces denoting comfort and style. They are now hired to offer professional services of HBD interior design and BTO interior design. This is turning HDB and Build-to Offer Flats into stylish units without an opulence look.

When looking for the right and professional BTO and HDB interior design, it is important to take some factors into consideration. Below are some considerations which will help you in this process.

Have a list of possibilities.

There are likely to be a number of firms you could be wishing to hire based on your locality. The first step should be determining such firms. You can do so by consulting your family members and good friends who have designed their flats recently. They will give you a list of trustworthy firms which they used. You can also decide to spend time browsing firm’s portfolios of work and add the best firms on your list. These firms will guide you in this process.


Once you have the list of possible firms, make the necessary consultations with them. This will give you a chance to choose the best among them. The best firm is expected to have correct certifications, qualified and certified interior designers. The designers should be experienced in dealing with projects similar to the one you have. Present your project to the firm and it will assist you in making the necessary modifications enabling you to have the right interior design for your home. The firm will provide a professional designer who will visit your flats and consider the following before modifying your project.

The available space

It is vital to consider the available space before concluding your interior design. Some designs look attractive and good on large spaces only while others on small spaces. The designer will help you to make sure that the otherwise does not happen. He may even be creative enough to come up with a personalized design suiting your needs. The designer will be determined to make sure that your taste and preferences are met. This means that the whole process will be enjoyable and the final work will be satisfactory.

Your budget

You may wish to carry out a lot of interior design work, but your budget will determine how much you will do. The designer will help you to estimate the cost of your project. If you have the money it will be wise for you to carry out the project. If the money is not enough, you better postpone the project and start saving, instead of having the project done compromising the quality of the interior design.

Interior designing starts with an aim, plan and vision of how it will materialize at the end. Follow the tips above and for real they will assist you especially if you are troubled on what to do. However, it is always important to start saving early for the project.