How To Calculate Electrical Work Cost For Office Renovation?

Renovating an office space in Singapore is not an easy task. Therefore, one needs to have a well thought out plan to ensure that renovation goes smoothly and the work is completed within the allocated budget. There are two ways of going about renovation in Singapore. Businesses can hire the services of a renovation contractor or utilize the services of an office interior design company.

The choice between the two depends on experience of the company as well as your comfort level in working with an interior design company or a contractor. It is important to note here that both the interior design company as well as independent contractor is fully capable of renovating your office space in a smooth manner.

Renovation involves a lot of things. You may choose to enlarge the space or make it more welcoming and friendly for visitors as well as your employees. One also needs to ensure that the renovation is in line with the various regulations.

As far as calculation of electrical work for office renovation is concerned, it varies a lot. There are a lot of factors affecting the electrical work cost. Here are some of the factors that affect the overall cost.

Quality of Work

As is the case with every other service business, quality of work varies between different contractors. Some of the technicians or workers have almost no experience with electrical work and are learning on the job. They may or may not be able to do the work to your satisfaction. However, they will cost a lot lower as they may not be able to provide the finishing as provided by a master electrician.

Similarly, an experienced electrician is going to charge a lot more as is he will not only be able to offer excellent finishing but he will also finish the work a lot quicker than an inexperienced electrician. In other terms, you will be able to save a lot of time by hiring the services of an experienced electrician.

As far as the actual numbers are concerned, the cost for a lighting point varies between $30-$60 and installation of ceiling fan cost anywhere from $25-$40. It is also important to keep in mind that some electricians give their quotes including the cost of plastering and concealment. However, all electricians do not give their quotes in this manner. Therefore, it is important to verify whether the quote given by them includes plastering and concealment.

Purpose of Renovation

The cost also depends a lot on the purpose of office space renovation. If you are renovating your office to making it more lively and making it appear more spacious, it is going to cost a lot more. It will involve installation of the special lights that require special assembly.

Every electrician cannot install such lights and therefore, you will need to hire the services of a trained technician who can handle such delicate designs.

Time Taken for Renovation

It is needless to say that you are going to save money if the electrician is able to finish the job quickly. However, it is important to keep in mind that quality of work should not suffer due to focus on saving time. If you hire the services of an office interior design company, you should be able to ask them to get people who are available to work for more hours and finish the work quickly.

You may also ask the company to get people to work when office is closed for the employees and customers. This will help you in saving a lot of money, as your normal business hours will not be disturbed.

Past Experience

It is important to check the past experience of an interior design company before hiring their services. You should ask them for past reference and talk to them about their experience with this company. It can tell a lot about the services offered by the company and their overall business experience.

A good company will always ensure that your work is completed within the allotted time and for less than the allocated budget.


Office renovation in Singapore requires regulatory approvals from various bodies such as FSP, BCA and URA. Similarly you will need to apply to the relevant regulatory bodies for separate electricity meter. Its installation will also cost extra money.

Overall, renovation costs in Singapore vary a lot and are dependent on the company chosen for the renovation work. It is important to keep in that you should clarify the exact requirements with the office interior design company and ask them for proper quotes before signing the contract.