How Often Should We Paint Our HDB?

Part of owning an HDB unit in Singapore is painting its interiors for proper maintenance and utmost protection of your home. Same goes with any other personal space or house where an entire family resides, for you deserve a nice, cosy and clean place to live in. Painting your HDB goes beyond the color of the paint you choose, but it can dramatically enhance it’s appearance and can even result to better moods and more harmonious relationships. Many people who live in HDB flats are faced with the question of how often they should do a paint job. Experts say that paint on walls can last between 5-7 years, and if professionally painted, it can last longer for up to ten long worry-free years!

To be straightforward, there is really not a single answer, nor is there any certain schedule to follow through. It’s not like you’d have to paint it everyday, every week, or every year. However, there are reasons wherein you should, by all means, go ahead and have your HDB painted! There are likewise indicators if it’s time to coat your surroundings with fresh new paint. Sometimes, only you can tell when painting becomes necessary, as one who lives in a lovely HDB whose best interest is to keep it looking the same and stay comfortable in daily life. Here are the common reasons and HDB may require some fresh new paint:

1. Moving to a new or second hand HDB unit

Moving in a new environment usually entails a new coat of paint, whether to make the place look fresh and attractive or tailoring the color to the new owner’s preferences. The paint can make you feel more at home and comfortable with the new surroundings.

2. Makeover

Having stayed in an HDB unit for many years, some families want to freshen up, by decluttering, discarding old and worn out furniture, and complete the makeover with a splash of colors or modernizing their place with fun and quirky shades!

3. Renovation

Renovating an HDB flat covers minor and major repairs, maybe replacing walls, floors, window grills, cabinets, and painting the interiors anew.

4. Renting Out

Owners who plan to rent out their HDB flat would typically have it laden with a new coat of paint, for a dirty, dusty and unsightly place is less likely to attract potential renters.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

The condition of the interior plays a significant role in determining if a new coat of paint is required. A well-maintained HDB unit would sensibly need painting only when it gets really, really dirty and once wear and tear has taken its toll, which won’t occur until many years have passed.

The key is to keep it clean and wipe away dust and dirt regularly, and maybe make it part of your routine spring cleaning. Paints do not just fail and crack or chip easily and may not even exhibit these things if it’s a high-quality type of paint that was used. Hence, this saves you on painting costs when it’s not yet actually due to be painted.

You’d probably only have your HDB painted when you get tired of the color or want a new theme for your lovely home. Well, there are ways to keep your place looking fresh, aside from splashing it with new colors. Rearranging your furniture and adding a hint of new colors by adding decors, frames, pillows, carpets, and other home accents will do the trick!

How to Paint Your HDB Unit

If you are planning to venture on painting your HDB flat, the entire process must be carefully planned. Start from choosing the paint itself, calculating costs, and most importantly, learning how to paint it correctly. The steps do not stop once you’ve applied all the paint. There are precautions to follow through prior to finally completing the paint job. Here are a few tips on each step of the painting task:

1. Pick the Best Paint

It’s critical to utilize only the best quality paint materials, for some may contain dangerous chemicals that can have adverse effects on health when inhaled while you are painting. Also, it may not last long as a good paint should and all your hard work will just go to waste.

2. Calculate Total Costs

All expenses must be considered and calculated first, for nobody would want to encounter financial issues in the middle of a paint job! Sure enough, different amounts of rooms would require varied painting costs such as that for a 3 room, 4 room, or paint 5 room HDB cost.

3. Paint Your HDB Correctly

Painting is not quite easy, but something that has to be learned to be executed in the right way and applied evenly. Follow instructions and methods to avoid unnecessary problems in the future of a newly painted HDB. Familiarize yourself with professional-style techniques which can do wonders towards a long-lasting paint.

4. Allow the Paint to Dry

This is crucial to your well-being and your entire family’s health, and in keeping everyone safe from harm. After completing the paint job, leave your HDB flat for several days to avoid the potential risk of hazardous fumes of paint materials.

Why Choose Professional Painters?

Whatever your reason is, from the unsightly looks of worn out old paint to simply wanting to have an HDB makeover, it’s best to have professional painters do it. This way, you will arrive at your ultimate goal of a better unit or home for your family without any frustration, added costs, and tedious efforts on your part. Moreover, you will have peace of mind that the right techniques and methods will be used by the best painters.

The proper application of paint on walls, furniture or floors with the right paint materials and paint products, careful planning and financial management, and observing best practices in terms of health and well-being paves the way for a seamless process of painting of your HDB.

Leave it to the hands of a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective top painting company in Singapore. Knowledge and expertise and the best paint materials altogether ensure high-quality service and a worry-free painting process for you. With a job well done from start to finish, at the best price, you’ll be a very delighted HDB owner with a brighter and more colourful place!