How Much Is Toilet Renovation For HDB In Singapore?

Your toilet is one of the most frequently used areas your home and is therefore susceptible to wear and tear. Renovation remains the only solution to control wear and tear on the frequently visited or used section of your home-the toilet. 

Some reasons for toilet renovation: 

Generally, the need for HDB renovation can come from several reasons such as follows: 

You can renovate your toilet to change its look and style. 

You can renovate this part of a home to remove unwanted items already installed. 

You can renovate the section to add parts and fixtures and other useful features. 

You may do this because you want to create a partition, especially if the area is too large. 

Starting the renovation process: 

1. Hiring a contractor: 
Handling your HBD project should not be difficult at all. Singapore market already has competitive prices, which means hiring the service of a contractor for this task is the best thing to do. There are so many Home Renovation Service Providers in Singapore and the only way to get the best contractor is by knowing your needs and your budget plan.  

2. DIY process: 
If you do not want to handle a big check to a home renovation company to have them coordinate the entire revamp, you can embark on a do-it-yourself job. The DIY revamp process can seem quite a complicated task because of the so many processes involved. However, using the right equipment and practicing a little more patience will definitely yield expected results.

 The entire process needs money: 

Whether you are buying toilet renovation service or embarking on a DIY job, you must know what your money goes into. Whether the revamp is a huge or small project, you need to take time and plan your budget before you can pay for anything. You really do not want to empty your bank account, do you? 

The best way to know the cost of remodeling is through calculation and estimation. This way, you will know where the money goes and what it does. In other words, do you know how much you are going to spend before upgrading or renovating your toilet? 

Six cost estimation ideas for HDB toilet renovation: 

Determine what you must have: 
The best way to start your budget is reviewing what your toile must have. Create a list of items you will need and indicate cost against each item. Knowing what you need makes it easy to create a basic layout for the design. For instance, you may need two sinks instead of one. You may need to install a tap or remove the existing one depending on your needs and preferences. 

Look at the list for top priorities: 
Now that you have a list of what you need and the cost for each indicated, take a moment and look at your toilet while referring to the list to know what to give more priority. You may eventually find out that you do not need some of the items you previously included in the list. 

Hiring labor: 
Are you planning to hire a HDB contractor for your toilet renovation, or are you planning embark on a do-it-yourself job? If hiring a contractor appeals to you, shop for several HDB contractors and evaluate their price for the project. Hiring an experienced individual can cost you a lot less than hiring a contractor from a company. You should hire based on experience and guarantee as well as quality. 

Simpler means cheap and better: 
You should focus on a remodel plan, which guarantee cutting cost. Going for a simpler design can be a great way to cut the general cost. The more advanced the design, the more costly it is going to be. You can still have a simple design and get the best results in the end. Do not change your design if it is not necessary. 

Assess your neighborhood and ask for referrals: 
Tell your neighbors and friends that you are for the idea of renovating your toilet. Ask some if they have been through the same process. Ask if they can allow you to see their design and the materials they used. This way, you can determine what you will need and how much you would end up spending. 

How long are you going to be around? 
Consider a cheap renovation plan if you are moving out soon. If you are in a permanent residence, take time and plan your budget well so that it costs you less.