How Much Does Interior Design Cost in Singapore?

Purchasing a new house is one of the happiest experiences that you can have. However, it causes anxiety about how you are going to decorate the rooms inside. Not everyone has the gift of artistic creativity which is necessary for interior decoration. Moreover, only a few have the skills which are required for interior design. Thankfully, you can hire an Interior Designer (ID).

An ID can assist you to manage the entire project. They can also provide you with ideas and tips on the best ways to utilize the space inside your new home.

If you have never hired an ID before, you might wonder about their rates. You may ask yourself how much should you pay for the ID’s services? You might also wonder which services are usually provided?

Here, we explain how much you can expect to pay for ID services. We also provide some tips on the qualities that you should seek as you hire an Interior Designer (ID). We discuss how you can pay for the service and how to maintain your new house after the ID has decorated it for you.

● How much does it cost to hire an Interior Designer?

We collected data about the final charges of finished interior design projects completed by major interior design firms in Singapore.

• After in-depth analysis, we discovered that the average price of interior design services ranges from $34,000 for a brand new HDB apartment with 3 bedrooms to $234,000 for some landed property.

• Resale HDB projects usually charge 25% more than brand new HDBs. This is quite likely due to the fact that the new owners of a resold house usually have to use more money to correct deterioration than the owners of a new flat.

• If you only desire to perform some small superficial redesign of your house, this can cost between $11,000 and $15,000.

• If you hire an ID to decorate your condo, this can cost an average of between $40,500 and $106,000. The cost depends on the size of your condo.

• Landed properties have an average interior design cost of $200,000.

Interior design companies sometimes offer promotional packages. They include the following:

* Space planning
* Plumbing
* Masonry
* Design consultation
* Project management
Post Renovation Cleaning
Painting Service
Window Grills & Gate Installation
* Miscellaneous work

• For new HDB flats, these packages range between $6,600 and $20,600. For HDB resale properties, the packages range in price between $22,000 and $27,000.

• There are also some combinations which are known as kitchen and 2 bathroom packages. They focus only on these specific rooms in the house. They also cost only $15,000. It is important to note that they are very basic. Therefore, they are not advisable for people who are searching for specific services or in-depth interior design.

● The details behind these fees

There are a number of factors which determine the fees of an interior design project.

The type and size of the apartment both matter when determining the fees which are charged for interior design. The project scale and designer’s seniority also have substantial significance in setting the fees for interior design. The types of materials which are used in the effort are also considered when setting the overall cost of an interior design project.

Interior design companies also have specific pricing. It can be a flat fee, pre-fixed rate, hourly rate or a percentage over cost rate.

For most ID companies, the client is usually expected to make a deposit of between 20% and 30% of the overall cost upfront. If you are requested to pay more than this, note that as a red flag. Also, if you’re asked to make the deposit in cash or write a check to anyone except the interior design company which you are hiring, this also signifies fraudulent activity.

● How can you find the right Interior Designer?

Seeing as there are very many Interior Design (ID) firms in Singapore, it may seem quite difficult to find the right one. Thankfully, this gets easier. That’s because you gradually discover that certain interior design companies specialize in certain services. Therefore, it becomes easier to pick an ID firm if you know exactly what you want.

After shortlisting some interior designers, you can interact with each interior designer so as to understand how it feels to work with them. Some IDs are more challenging to work with than others. A good one will maintain fluid communication throughout the project execution. They will also seek your opinion after the project is completed to gauge your rate of satisfaction. With this in mind, you can pick out the most ideal Interior Designer (ID) in Singapore for you.

● Managing your overall costs

A great way to handle the cost of interior design services is to stay within your budget.

Begin by setting realistic expectations. After that, set aside 15% of your overall budget to cover any unexpected costs. If you find that this is not enough, you can seek outside financing. This can be achieved by taking out the following loans:

+ Personal loan
+ Renovation loan

The renovation loan charges lower interest while personal loans are more flexible.

Finding more affordable substitute materials is a good way to reduce the cost of your interior design project. As you do this, avoid cutting the costs on items which are expensive to repair or that can cause extensive structural damage.

● What if you don’t want to hire an Interior Designer (ID)?

Redecorating your house can be an expensive endeavor. This is because it often requires you to hire an Interior Designer (ID). If hiring one is out of your budget, you can decorate your house using these tips.

Do not perform a complete overhaul of your house. Instead, simply upgrade small items in your home for example faucets, door knobs, shower heads and cabinets. This can be accomplished at cost effective rates.

Do you want to change the design of some structural aspects in your house? In this case, you can hire a contractor. They are usually more affordable than interior designers. They also perform targeted jobs while following instructions.

● Conclusion

Decorating your home is a very important activity. It can help you to personalize it and add some of your own character. You can hire an Interior Designer (ID) in Singapore to help with this effort. You can also hire a contractor or do it yourself. It is important to know the cost involved in each of these strategies. This helps you to stay within your budget so as to accomplish a smooth decoration effort or renovation.