How Much Does HDB Interior Design Cost In Singapore?

The Housing and Development Board (HDB), is a statutory board in Singapore responsible for local public housing. At some point or another, many of the Singaporeans living in these low-cost, state-built houses decide that they want to make an interior design upgrade or renovate them. However, finding the right interior design services can be tricky. Even though there are plenty of interior design companies in Singapore, it may be a problem to find one that is capable of doing the job to your precise specification. Even if you find such a company, you would want to know how much the project would cost you. In fact, you can actually avoid hiring rogue contracts and overspending if you find out how much HDB interior design can cost in Singapore.

How Much Will Interior Design Cost For An HDB House In Singapore?
You are probably not sure whether your budget will suffice for the completion of the HDB interior design project. According to estimates, the average cost for a partial HDB interior design in Singapore can be anywhere from S$14,000 to S$16,000. On the other hand, the average cost of a full HDB interior design in Singapore can be anywhere from S$16,000 to S$20,000.

What factors influence the cost?

1. Size

The very first thing that influences the cost of HDB interior design it the size of the house. This is simply because unlike smaller houses, more materials are required for larger houses. For instance, if a 2-bedroom HDB house needs to be painted, less money will have to be spent than when getting a 5-bedroom house painted.

2. New Or Old House

In comparison to an old HDB house, the HDB interior cost can be significantly less if the flat is relatively newer. For the renovation of a 4-bedroom flat, the cost of interior design can be anywhere between S$11,000 and S$15,000. In comparison to the cost of getting the interior design of an old house upgraded, this is relatively cheaper. More labor and more materials will be required for the interior design of an older HDB house, so its cost will be more too.

3. The Project Scale

The scale of the interior design project refers to the extent of work that will need to be done towards upgrading your flat’s interior. In normal circumstances, there are two ways in which you may view the scale of an interior design project. Since minor fixes are required in small-scaled projects, so they are referred to as mid-range projects. On the other hands, major fixes are required in “major” interior design projects. Obviously, the cost of major upscale projects is more than mid-range ones.

4. Materials

The final HDB interior design is significantly influenced by the kind of materials that you choose to use in the interior design of your HDB flat. For instance, higher quality fixtures are more expensive, so the cost of interior design can naturally go up. However, that does not mean that cheaper products should be chosen because they may not be long lasting. Before a renovation project is undertaken, some homework should be done and expert advice should be sought out when choosing the materials.

5. Project Region

Considering that Singapore is merely a city, the region where the project is to be undertaken may not have big influence on prince other minor variations. If you live right at the heart of Singapore rather than on the outskirts, you will pay a slightly different amount. Obtaining estimates from local contractor is the best way to get precise estimates of HDB interior design cost.

6. Contractor’s Valuation

The final HDB interior design cost is significantly influenced by the valuation of the project by a contractor. This is why it is very important for the contractor to be capable of delivering quality work on a fair and reasonable price. According to experts, a detailed bid should be requested that shows what the quoted price consists of. Shady contractors that provide vague bids without any details should be avoided.


Despite the fact that there is a standard price range for HDB interior design, some factors can cause it to vary. So, having a fixed mind should be avoided since the final HDB interior design cost is based on a couple of factors that come into play. However, the cost ultimately does fall within the range mentioned above.