How Much Does Condo Interior Design Cost In Singapore?

People love living in style and in an elegant ambience, which uplifts their social stature to the stratosphere. No offence at that one, for it is their beautiful homes and condominium complexes which speak volumes of their personality and their net worth. The uniquely designed condominium complexes at priced locations create an impressive picture with swimming pools and attractively decorated exteriors. Hence it is pertinent that the interiors of your condos match up with the exteriors, and not make your guests look like they have entered war zone with tattered walls and tarnished floors.

Time has the nasty habit of taking its toll, and your once neatly designed interiors could lose their glory and shriek for renovation. That is time for you to put on your thinking cap and look for venues where you can get affordable renovation for your condos which does not cost you an arm or make you buckle under your knees.

The Interior Design Company

Sure the spade work has to be done by an interior designing company to transform your condos into gems you can take pride on. But with countless companies hidden under every stone you turn in Singapore, choosing the right one is the preamble for your renovation endeavours. And, it goes without saying, to pick the company which is a registered one, for in case of compensations, they are true to their salt.

You can watch out for social signals for recommendations, or look at the company’s previous work to weigh their worth. And last but not the least protect yourself from companies waiting to fleece you. Get the price quotes from more than one company before showering your blessing on them, and choose the ones for which you do not have redesign your wallets.

Tearing of Walls

Pulling down your walls can be one of the ways you want to renovate your condos. It is a great way to make more space for your rooms and redesign them. Or you may want to replace your solid wall with an open archway layout. Whatever the reason, cost remains the same, and tearing down your single wall could cost you around $400 to $ 900 depending upon the length and thickness.


You may have dis-satisfactory grunts for your floorings and feel they over-lived their tenure. Or dollars spilling from your wallets may make you feel your flooring does not gel with the interiors. For that you have all the rights to renovate your condo floorings to enhance its beauty. Though be prepared to shell approx. $6,500 to $9,000 for the cost of new tiles depending upon the size of flooring, which fortunately includes the labour costs.


A fine piece of carpentry always works as an icing on a cake, and it does magnify the elegant looks of your interior. Your kitchens and wardrobes can get blessed with modernity, but for which it may cost you above $8,000 for a moderate sized kitchen. Though, if you want to go out of the way and want to personalize them as per your special specifications with expensive materials replacing the normal trends, it can cost you more. The same goes for your wardrobes, depending upon the design you choose, and the mechanism upon which the doors operate, it could dent your wallets at the rate $320 per sq. ft. area.


Well, you may not be always sure what you want and how much you can afford, hence as a rough estimate you can put aside $100 per sq. ft. area wise. But yes, the price is dependant to other factors like your customized designs, or the type of the material you choose. Apart from that, you have to spare expenses for other upgrading factors you may want to choose, like lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, additional furniture, or sanitary ware and other fittings.

Condos are signature marks of style and luxury, whether it your hallway, dining rooms, bedrooms, or exterior gardens, keep them in their full glory to make an impression on your friends and relatives. Interior decoration is an art which can create a great visual effect on anyone eyeballing them hence chose an authentic and reputed interior designer and make your condo interiors breathe liveliness.