How Frequently Should We Polish Our Marble Floor?

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials that you will ever come across and most people definitely agree with this. That is why you will find many palatial and wonderful homes are covered in marble. Marble is usually formed from the rock of shells that are billions of years old. This alone should help you see how important marble is. In ancient times marble was admired for its durability and beauty. When well maintained marble will remain in that pristine condition that you found it in. Visitors who flock your home will obviously be impressed by the marble floor in your homes since they have been well maintained.

Polishing marble is one of the most important activities when it comes to maintaining the marble floors. Even though marble is durable, if cleaned wrongly it may not last long. When you use acid or some other chemical compounds in the process of polishing marble you risk destroying the marble. This is because the marble reacts with the acid and it may be completely destroyed. The acid will find its way into cracks of your fine marble and eventually all you will have to show for your fine marble is just a pile of sand. One of the biggest cleaning culprits in this case is vinegar. Never use vinegar to polish your marble since it will cause a reaction.

How frequently you polish your marble floors will depend on a few factors, they include:

1. Usage of the room –

The frequency with which you use the room having the marble floors will go a long way in determining how many times you should polish the marble. If the room is used regularly then it is important that you always polish the marble since it is regularly getting into contact with different types of dirt. If you stay for a long time without polishing the floors then you can be sure that your marble will start developing stains and you can be sure you will not like the new look. Even if the room is not in use frequently it is important that you polish the marble floors once in a while so that they can always look pristine.

2. Cost –

The cost of polishing marble floors has to be considered very carefully – Purchasing marble is a bit expensive and you will obviously want to keep your maintenance costs low. You should however also consider that if you do not polish your marble regularly it may lose its appeal and you may be forced to replace all the marble. For this reason it is very important that you polish the marble at regular intervals that are not so close or so far apart. Polishing your marble floor everyday may also not be economical since you may end up spending more on polishing than on buying the marble. You therefore have to strike the perfect balance.

3. Type of marble –

The type of marble that is used in the floors is very important in determining the frequency of cleaning. Some marbles are softer than others and they therefore need more specialized attention. Softer marble ought to be cleaned more frequently that marble that is slightly harder. This is because the softer marble is prone to scratches and if it is not regularly polished it may lose its shine and end its useful life prematurely.

4. The stains on the marble –

The type of dirt or stains that you see on the marble go a really long way in determining how many times or how frequently you should polish your marble. When you see a stain or an etch that you think may cause a lot of problems in future it is important that you deal with it as soon as possible. Some stains if left to stay there for long may be almost impossible to remove from the marble. It does not matter if you polished your marble the previous day. If you see a stain that looks serious and will bring problems in future then you should polish the marble. If the marble is shining and looking wonderful then there is no reason to polish the marble since you will be giving yourself chores that need not be done.