Feng Shui Bedroom Taboos To Avoid

The Feng Shui is consistently taking center stage in our lives as we strive to bring our bedrooms back to the secret chocolate stash it once was. The Feng Shui for the bedroom involves creating an ideal environment that’s healthier by doing away with the things that keep snapping our health or causing trouble with our marriages or relationships. As you read on, you’ll find a number of the Feng Shui bedroom taboos that you need to avoid if you wish to make your bedroom a simple, relaxed, rejuvenated, cozy, comfortable, romantic, intimate, and sensual place.

· Placing your feet in direct line with the entry door or the bedroom window (if the window sill falls below your body height when you sleep). According to the Feng Shui, this is referred to as the “death position.

· Mirrors that cannot be seen when lying down; they have the ability to cause friction between couples due to the appearance of a third party (reflection of the sleeping body).

· Bedroom door facing the toilet door; a type of arrangement that’s known to cause loss of wealth and illness on muscles and bones due to the negative energy that you can absorb from the stinky and bad smelling moisture you’ll be absorbing.

· Keeping living, dry or artificial plants in the bedroom. Plants emit carbon dioxide during the night bringing in negative energy. Even the cactus plants used as a décor element add negative energy causing relationships to go sour. Despite the bonsai trees being nice to look at, these stunted/dwarf trees undesirably affect growth.

· Dying or dead plants are a sign of dead energy. Keep the away from the bedroom. Nothing is sadder than entering a house with a sick plant.

· Positioning the bed so it faces another bedroom door or a protruding corner is a taboo

· Placing the bed between 2 doors

· Locating the bedroom directly below a toilet, above a garage, kitchen or storeroom

· Positioning your door to face the top of the stairs

· Using ying energies: calm and death aspect (energies that are only good for the cemetery). Instead use the yang energies: clear and fresh colors for the interior part of the bedroom. Excessive yang energies are negative.

· Sleeping with head facing the wall that separates your bedroom and altar is bad as only a Psychic or temple fair can sleep this way.

· Colors such as green, blue or too much white diminish sensuality and intimacy. Alternatively, inspire passion and tenderness using luxurious fabrics, subtle candlelight and earthy red colors. Dark paintings of the walls or ceiling are an indication that you are frightened.

· Too many corners of shelves, tables, or those formed by the bedroom walls. They are considered as “wound” energy flows. Instead, rounded tables are preferred. Wall corners need to be hidden by a creeper. Edges that resemble cutting knife edges such as edges of bookshelves should be covered. They shouldn’t be left pointed towards the bed, armchairs, sofas, and tables; they are the potential threat to your health and wellbeing.

· Wall cabinets, heavy beams, open rafters and shelves above your head have bad effect. They create a feeling of pressure on your head or the part of body they cross. The bed, sofa or desk should be moved away from such hanging things and cover them up with a curtain.

· Kids bedroom to be kept clean and tidy; when left messy the kids find it easy to develop habits

· Decorations shouldn’t include objects capable of reflecting light. Knives, swords and weapons shouldn’t be displayed otherwise they’ll destroy the calmness of the room.

· Bed below a staircase will bring you nightmares and bad luck. Since it isn’t possible to move stairs, just move your bed to a better position.

· Head facing wall behind toilet bowl will cause long period of headaches, ideological confusion and lack of concentration.

· Sleeping with your head close to a source of magnetism such as a steel radiator, TV or computer. These magnetic fields are strong enough to influence your energies.

· Wallpapers with pointed designs create inauspicious chi flows inside the bedroom.

· Water elements such as aquariums or flowing water fountains are not required in feng shui bedrooms as they kill passion.

· A sloping ceiling creates a cramped feeling. Keep the room well lit by brightening it up so as to lift the energy and counter ant negative effects.