Do And Dont’s of White Interior Design

What are the do and dont’s of white interior design? White is the color of purity, freshness, and cleanliness. It is used widely in interior design because it improves the general appearance of the house significantly.

However, without proper guidance, white can cause mistakes that lower down the overall value of your home or business establishment. Read on – Do And Dont’s of White Interior Design?

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Light Colors

The interiors are integral to your life. They don’t only need to look good, but they should also make you feel good. White is a favorite color worldwide, and there are tons of white paint colors on the market right now, many of which give off different vibes.

You’re likely going to pick one that makes you feel calm and peaceful rather than terrified or intimidated (unless this is what you’re trying for). This color isn’t just eye-catching; it can turn an interior into another universe where nothing wrong ever happens.

The key here is using lots of natural light, so the place glows with healthiness during the day, making it “pop” even more.

2. Don’t Paint Your Room White in One Go

It seems like an impossible task to paint your house all at once with white, considering you need 4-5 coats for this color.

It’s best to do it in stages; start with the most prominent areas when entering the house (e.g., entryway and living room), then continue with secondary spaces like hallways after some time has passed.

This way, you’ll get used to one color in particular in all its various shades throughout your home before moving on to another shade of white in the next stage.

3. Do Let in Lots of Natural Light during the Day

Do And Dont's of White Interior Design

Natural light is essential when working with white because it sets the “mood” of the room, which is something you should always keep in mind. White reflects light excellently.

Therefore it will enhance the effect of your lamps and chandelier as well. Even if white walls are too dull for you, you can solve this by installing curtains or blinds with bold colors to bring some life inside.

4. Don’t Forget about Wall Decorations

Do And Dont's of White Interior Design

Wall decoration is also vital during interior design work with white because it won’t have perfect proportions between wall areas and flooring areas without any decorations on them (this would look quite sad).

Everybody knows how important symmetry is when choosing wall accessories; however, asymmetrical decorating ideas might be worth trying once in a while.

5. Do Consider the Use of Details during White Interior Design Work

You can’t deny that you have details in your home, even if they’re small and only serve a practical purpose. If you want to take a break from white walls, try decorating one wall with black-and-white photos or paintings, for example.

Do And Dont's of White Interior Design

This way, you’ll create a focal point and bring some tonal variety into your room without breaking too much from the overall look because of the use of dark colors on just one wall.

6. Don’t Forget about Flooring

It’s best to leave flooring as it is and resist any temptation to paint it (unless we’re talking about wooden floors). Paint doesn’t suit floorings unless you’re doing this to hide the stains on the carpets, which you’re ready to replace.

If you want to go for something easy on the eye, pick a white-and-gray carpet or large tiles with gray patterns on them, so they match with your walls and don’t attract too much attention.

7. Do Use White Furniture if You Want

Do And Dont's of White Interior Design

Furniture is the element of decorating that you can play around with as much as you like. You can even buy white furniture items if you have enough money because many manufacturers have designed complete collections of various pieces in different colors for this particular shade.

White furniture goes well with everything, including bright accents (e.g., red pillows). Don’t be afraid to go all out with color in this case, including bold shades; it will always look great because of the contrast.

8. Don’t Use White Curtains

Curtains are a secondary element of decorating your house, so you can play around with them more than you do with anything else.

If white walls aren’t for you and you want to add some colors to another wall of your bedroom, try installing long curtains that have colorful patterns on them. This brings life into your room and adds visual depth by making objects behind your windows pop out even more.

9. Do Experiment during White Interior Design Work

You must get out of your comfort zone before starting interior design work with white. If you’re one of those people who are tired of seeing white everywhere, you need to do something about this problem before it’s too late.

It’s not that difficult to experiment with interior design ideas because everything is possible with white. You can use just one shade of it or choose more than three shades for your walls and mix them in the same room if you want.

10. Don’t Limit Yourself when Working with White Interior Design

Do And Dont's of White Interior Design

As mentioned above, there’s no limit to what you can do during decorating work, so don’t go thinking along stereotypical lines like “white won’t look good if I try it here” or anything similar. Good designers always find new ways of using all sorts of colors, materials, and other elements.

They’re doing this for a good reason (because we can’t always decorate with the same colors, materials, etc.). If you want to play around with interior design ideas, you need to let creativity go wild and forget about all those rules that forbid specific colors or combinations.

Do And Dont’s of White Interior Design – Conclusion

Do And Dont's of White Interior Design

White interior design can be a lovely look for any room in your home. It tends to create a sense of calm and order.

And by using accessories that are decorated and accessorized in complementary and contrasting hues (like blue and orange), you’ll give the illusion of many different “spaces” within the same general area – extending what would otherwise be a relatively small space – creating more visual interest as well.

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