Differences Between Hiring A Renovation Company And Interior Designer

Renovation is a tough task for a majority of home owners in Singapore. The decision of hiring a renovation company or an interior designer is all what confuses most us. Choosing between an interior designer and a renovation all comes down to the amount your house requires. Each of the two has their benefits and as a home owner you should know when to choose between the latter. With changing trends and environmental degradation our houses demand some sort of upgrading or minor touches. There is a huge difference between interior designer, renovation company and contractors. What are the factors to consider while choosing between the two.

Design and purpose of renovation

The designs and the purpose of renovation should be the first question that we ask ourselves. Changing trends in the house decorations in Singapore has been a major driving force in changing the look of houses. If you are simply looking to redecorate your house, office or workplace then using an expert who is familiar with trends that will make the place more livelier is better. An interior designer is best suited for making the place more livelier and better looking. We usually forget to ask ourselves why we are renovating. This will help us decide between an interior designer and renovation company. If we are looking to repair our building or add some extension i.e a patio then a renovation company is best. Renovation companies just implement your idea and other repair jobs. An interior designer helps you decide on the designs that you should implement i.e colors, fabric, lighting and more. The reason as to why we are renovating helps us decide whom of the two we should use. Sometimes we may require services from interior designers and renovation contractors if you want complete make over.


Cost is another determining factor when choosing between an interior designer and renovation contractor. The prices vary between the two but does not necessarily mean on is more paid than the other. If the house is heavily damaged by then hiring a renovation contractor would be cheaper compared to getting an interior designer. Missing bricks, broken frames, dings and other physical damage to the house require the expertise of a renovation contractor. It would be more expensive to hire an interior designer when laying out a patio. The interior designer will charge you more for the entire job including design fee. When looking to upgrade the entire home it would be cheaper to hire a renovation contractor as they just charge for the materials and the services. Sometimes we might be looking to changing minor details in our houses, and then it would be cheaper to hire an interior decorator. When re-branding it would be good to use someone who will just look for the minor touch ups and no repair work.

Knowledge on house renovation

For those with no idea on what should be done to the house hiring a renovation contractor would be your best guess. Contractors are more knowledgeable on house renovation matters compare to interior decorators. There main focus is restoration of the houses’ appearance and structural integrity. If you are clueless on what should be done to your house why don’t you just visit the all round guy and have your house fixed. Renovation entails a lot of restoration work i.e carpentry, masonry, plumbing and roof restoration.

If you are sure that the house requires complete do over then having renovation contractor is the best option. Sometimes we might want to redesign and we have the idea of what should be done. A renovation contractor would be best suited for the job since there is no design job but just the implementation of the idea. On the other hand interior designers aren’t that knowledgeable on complete house renovation. Interior designers have basic knowledge on the structural integrity of the house and will mostly consult other contractors on how to go about with renovation. Their main strong points is giving the house look great and better. If you are looking for person completely comfortable renovation the a renovation contractor would be the way to go.

Range of services offered

Interior designers usually offer progressive work i.e., before sale and after sale services. When looking to impress a client with your house then hiring a interior designer will put the house in order. The designers job is to make the house look pleasant or give it that modern edge. Sometimes the designer might suggest newer features added to the house e.g an indoor pool, jacuzzi or a different tiling. Their main job is to conceptualize the idea of how the house should look like for those living in it. An interior designer will only focus on beautifying the house. Whereas renovation contractors offer a wide range of services compared to interior decorators. A contractor offers minimum services when it comes to designing but focuses on house maintenance. Their main points is fixing the problems has and restoring it to its former glory. House renovators will rejuvenate the house back to its original look and do some minor improvement. But when it comes to implementing new trendy Singapore interior design one should look for an interior designer. If you have a good budget you might opt to hire the two and have a complete job done to the house.


House renovation contractors will generally need more time to fix all the little problem the house has. A contractor will search for all the minor details that plague the house and fix them. This generally more costly since the contractor might be replacing entire units in the house. The piping might need replacement or the entire wiring. Renovation is a time demanding procedure since they can’t rush through renovation phases. Interior design is relatively shorter since its more of a progressive service. The designer is trying to improve the appearance of the house and this doesn’t require a lot of time. Interior design will depend on the intensity of the do over the designer is looking to implement.