Can Roller Blinds Blockout Sunlight?

Want to treat the rays of the sun entering from your window as you want? You have to get roller blinds then. Curtains are old fashioned and will not help you as much blackout roller blinds will help you. Roller blinds can be rolled up or down as it is made from special fabric which will help you give your room a modern appeal. It comes in different shades and sizes according to your choice of color and windows of your room. You can adjust it with the shades of your room.

Roller blinds have multiple uses such as temperature control, sun protection. Singapore is a warm place. It has a typical average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. To avoid this temperature entering your room, you cannot keep the fans and the air conditioners working for the complete day. At such times and at such places, roller blinds works at its best. It keeps the outside temperature away from entering the room and controls the hotness of the room. It is also used during winters. Your house will be kept warm and hot with the help of roller blinds.

However, the main question that arises every time is Can roller blinds blockout sunlight? 
The answer has to be yes. Yes, roller blinds block out sunlight. They are the most effective, simplest, economical and cost effective. It provides you your privacy by blocking out the light that is entering your room. Just by pulling it up or down, you can adjust the amount of environment light you require in your room. It can be used anywhere in the room, bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom, media room, etc. They just have to be mounted on the frames of the windows or doors.

The UV rays are blocked out with the use of roller blinds. The openness of the roller blinds is dependent on this factor. If the roller blind has an openness of 10%, it can block out 90% of the ultra violet rays. Generally, one do not want a complete black room. Hence the number varies from 5% to 14% of openness. Such percentage of openness allows you to make 95% to 86% of the rays of the sun to enter your house. As the light of the rays are harmful and beneficial to the body, one should not block it completely; neither it should be taken on your body directly. Typically, for this reason, blackout roller blinds are used to save you from letting the sun to harm your body.

Mostly, such roller blinds are used for media rooms as it blocks out sunlight. They are used here for their ability and feature of diffusing and blocking the sunlight and allowing only a soft diffused glare that will filter the glare of the sun. Singapore is a warm and sunny place to live. Here, most of the people often find it necessary to make use of roller blinds because of the sunny rays that enter the house. They not only block the rays of the sun but even bring a beautiful and elegant look to the house giving it a modern feel.