Can HDB Flat Be Converted Into A Hotel Design Room?

Many people wish to decorate their HDB flats in the best way possible. Many are depicting the hotel design room. A hotel will always have super elegant rooms that have been elegantly designed to look perfect for the incoming guests. The good news is that you can be able to convert your HDB flat into a hotel design room. Well, it is possible, but how can you pull it off? Here are some tips that can help you successfully make it.

1. Have a lavish bedroom

One of the must-haves in any hotel is a super elegant bedroom. To begin with, you must ensure that the bed is at the center of the room. The pillows, beddings, as well as the curtains must match, in terms of color. It would be better if they all have one color, but if you want to add another color, ensure that it is matched. The mattress must be the heavy duty, which big size pillows as well. For the bed sheets, you might want to select some classy cotton sheets. It would also be better if you have the King or Queen size bed, for the sake of drawing most of the attention. The main focus of the bedroom should be the bed, which is why it is placed at the center of the room. If your room is slightly smaller, ensure that you have a bed that is big enough. You should have side lamps, side tables some chairs and a desk in the bedroom, which will help to make it seem fuller. To make things more interesting, you can have a plasma TV in the bedroom, though this is not a must.

2. Integrate a spa-type bathroom

Another important area that you might want to consider is the bathroom. Any hotel will have a top class bathroom, because it is all about enhancing the comfort. You should consider the types of features that your bathroom should have. One thing that you might want to install in your bathroom is the glass shower. You can find a number of all-glass showers that you can fit in your bathroom. A Jacuzzi tub can also be a great additional to your bathroom. For the sinks, you can fit in the deep type and have large mirrors. For the soaps, ensure that you choose the best medicated and beauty soaps, which have a pleasant smell. Have enough supplies of towels, which should be well placed on cabinets that should have glass doors. For the lights, ensure that they are dim enough, to give you that privacy feeling.

3. Mind the temperature control

Any hotel room will feel cool, especially the high end hotels. For that, you might want to consider how you will have the temperature of the room controlled. The most obvious way is to have an aircon in your house. For the aircon, ensure that you choose the best brand that can fully control the temperature of the entire house. The aircon must be powerful enough and should almost seem invisible. This implies that it should have a color that matches the theme of your room. Do not install a black aircon, if the color theme of your house is white.

4. Make more space

Another vital aspect of any hotel room design is that it must have enough space. When there is enough free space, you will feel more relaxed. For that, you might want to ensure that the living room is spacious enough, with less items around. This also applies to the bedroom, whereby, you must consider leaving enough space, even when you are adding the extra furniture.

5. Organizing the arrangement

How you arrange your stuff in your HDB flat is enough to convert it into a hotel room design. At times, it is not all about adding more features to it. You must have a decent arrangement, all around the house. Starting from the living room, right to the bedroom. If you are arranging the sofas, you will need to set them in a decent way. Suppose you want them to be placed in front of the TV, make sure one is not blocked by the other. They must also be well spaced in order to allow you to move around easily.

6. Mind the curtains

One common thing that many people ignore is the curtains that they install in their house. You should ensure that you choose the right blinds, draperies and curtains as well. All these must match the theme of your interior. If you wish to go for the wooden blinds, make sure that the color theme will be suitable to use. Choose a material that will not be difficult to maintain and one that can be cleaned easily. There are some materials that will catch dirt easily, so be keen when choosing.

7. Get the right lighting

The lighting that you use in your HDB flat will highly determine the overall look. Before you go for the type of lighting, you will need to consider the light fittings. If you need the overhead lights, the side wall or the flat lights, be sure the one that is suitable for your flat. Also consider the table lights, which should match the color of the room, if you need white lamps or gold coated lamps, choose according to the theme. For the brightness, be sure to set it in the most recommended way. Most hotels will have dim light all over the rooms. When the room is partially dim, it makes it feel more private. However, for the living room, don’t always go for dim lights.

8. Add some nature

Any top notch hotel will have a good selection of flowers all around, which make the room livelier. When choosing the flowers for your HDB flats, be sure to contact a professional on the best flowers to use and those that are allowed by the housing board. You can easily change your HDB flat into a hotel room design by considering these tips. Always ensure you contact a professional whenever you need to make your changes. The professional will also help you to choose the perfect color combination for your room.